Nelly Mutti to sanction 20 PF MPs- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Nelly Muti

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Nelly Mutti to sanction 20 MPs

Ahead of the vote of impeachment, Speaker of the National Assembly, Nelly Mutti intends to suspend 20 MPs.

On 1st November, 2023, Clerk of the National Assembly wrote to 20 Members of Parliament accusing them of disrupting the business of the House.

The Speaker intends to suspend 20 Members of Parliament for allegedly contravening Section 19(c) and Section 25 (f) of the National Assembly (Powers and Privileges) Act, Chapter 12 of the Laws of Zambia.

This in relation to the disruption that occurred when Kamfisa MP protested the Speaker’s action to curb him from talking.

The Speaker ordered Kangombe out but MPs protested against his violation to speak on 1st November 2023.


  1. Mr. Mwamba again, you find yourself here writting to inform us; using private correspondence between the writer and the Addressee.
    What is your intent, firstly to act as a journalist (that you are not) to write a story about a matter between to parties.
    Would it not have been appropriate that you “discretely” tip an journalist of the issue? And the journalist then follows up the story to see if it is news worthy( with the consent of the editors) and the matter is infact factual.
    Secondly, the fact that you are a party to one of the factions of PF, how can we expect that you can report a story objectively and factually? This whole story becomes prejudicial. Folks have told you over and over to the point Nakacjinda repremanded to remind you of your place in an article here. Know your place and play your role Preofessionally. Can not be “Jack of all trades”.
    Let Journalist be Journalist…if you do the work…abaiche finshi bala bomba? Kaili wa senda enchito elo alaleya finsi? MULE KWATAO LUSE

  2. The conduct of the PF MPs during the walk out was despicable, dishonourable. They donot deserve the title “honourable”.

    They have the right to walk out but they must do so in an orderly manner befitting lawmakers. They behaved like thugs which seems to be the PF default setting – lawlessness.

    If they get sanctioned, they fully deserve it. It is called consequence management. They must not be treated with kid gloves.


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