1. No politics or biasness involved, the new dawn economy is tough both on individuals and local small and medium businesses.

2. Weak economic policies, weak kwacha, unstable fuel prices, high cost of goods, high of transport and high cost of doing business.

3. A strong economy increases income to individuals and businesses, reduces poverty, provide jobs and increases affordability goods and services and unlocks the local private sector.

4. An estimated 8 million Zambians are without formal jobs or jobless. According to official records, the unemployment rate in Zambia saw no significant changes in 2022 and 2023.

5. In other words, our economy is not doing well to absorb all the jobless people around. No income, more hardships, more desperation, more stress and more mental health breakdowns or more tempers.

Solutions, In Part.

6. Agriculture Revolution. Radical agricultural policies from wards to provinces. Maximum exploitation of the agriculture sector for affordable food, forex earner and massive job creation.

7. Major industries such as copper mining, construction, beverages, food, textiles, chemicals and now fertilizer production remain largely in foreign hands.

8. Local industrialisation of these sectors would result in massive employment opportunities and a stable local economy strong enough to withstand outside economic shocks.

9. The mining industry needs urgent policy reforms that would benefit directly the local economy. 3 minerals from the mining sector can collectively pay Zambia debt with 3 to 5 years. (Noti nkhani yamu kachasu Ba President)

10. The apex mining policy is one that has Zambians (both Government and Zambian owned mining companies) owning a and running the industry profitably.

11. Tourism remain largely far removed from locals in Zambia. High prices of bed spaces and food remain out of reach of many locals pockets or mobile money.

12. The industry itself remain dominated by foreigners which carter mostly to fellow foreigners coming in the country.

13. Promotion of local tourism will unlock massive potential in both revenue and job opportunities for the local economy.

14. Zambia needs a new economic order built by locals, for locals and benefits local a local Zambian.

GPZ, Our People First.

Jackson Silavwe


  1. This chap so called Jackson is clearly without direction.
    He is always talking about nothing; only irrelevant things not making sense. He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut when there is nothing to say. The fella has lost his relevance but seem to realise it.

  2. Kindly you are better off being objective than just shooting in the air for the sake of doing it. Your approach and that of your like mind is just adding salt to the injury. You are better off refraining from such my beloved fellow citizen of this great country.

  3. We have to be wise and realistic in life!
    You cannot borrow beyond your means and expect life to be nice!
    Even at personal level, there are many examples of individuals who have borrowed way beyond their means to repay and we see how destitute most of them have become! Some have lost even the little they thought they had.
    We expect young politicians like ba Silavwe to be more sincere than ECL!
    ECL is “clever but in a crooked way!”
    The Elephant in the Room for Zambia is our “DEBT CRISIS!”
    ECL was asked a very simple question by a young and wise Journalist about how he hoped to solve this debt crisis which he contributed to create. As usual, he ran away from the simple question and started talking about Cholera … Kikikiki
    The way ba ECL handled that question killed the entire Press conference!
    Anyway, this is a man who confessed he had no vision and Zambians strangely voted for him ad then booted him out and now I wouldn’t be surprised if poor vision less Zambians fall for ECL’S dirty tricks!
    It’s okay to be robbed once but to be robbed twice with your own consent is madness!
    He robbed a widow as a Lawyer who was supposed to be that widow’s only strength. He was convicted and lost his license. And because Zambians were not sympathetic to the widow’s plight, God punished you for electing him to public office.
    After robbing a widow, he went on to rob a nation!
    ECL is now one of the richest people in Zambia through industrial theft! He has Money hidden in foreign banks, he has property across the country and across Africa. A shopping mall in East Africa, Mansions in Eswatini, Mansions in SA and Mansions in Dubai to mention the obvious!
    He was right when he referred to his retirement benefits as chicken feed!
    He knows what he is talking about!
    His comeback is not about helping Zambia!
    It’s about self-protection from prosecution through political power!
    What is sad is when we see once promising young politicians like Silavwe soiling their own political future through associations with corrupt ECL!
    Why are you so desperate ba Silavwe as to soil yourself like this?
    I don’t know how old you were when we went through Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) under Chiluba and HIPC under Levy Patrick Mwanawasa? Life was equally hard during those years!
    With the Debt Crisis PF created with impunity, we should be realistic and expect a little pain before things can get better!
    What saved us during SAP and HIPC was resilience with Agriculture!
    When we could not afford Fertilizer, we used Manure and got even better results than we got from use of chemical fertilizers!
    Most people in Shanty Compounds don’t have fields to cultivate their food. Naturally, they will be the hardest hit by escalating cost of everything!
    No country in the world is spared from the escalating cost of living! In fact, Matthew 24 hints at tough living conditions globally in these latter days! Do you want to escape the pain? Go back to the land! Embrace Agriculture God’s way! You won’t have to suffer want again! Us who listened to KK when he said go back to the land, we have never know what a high cost of living looks like! We are self-sufficient in everything on the farm!
    We don’t need fuel or electricity! We don’t need Fridges. We eat fresh food, not rotten refrigerated food!
    A bad economy always hits city dwellers the most! Us villagers don’t even have Cholera to worry about because we don’t live in crowded conditions!
    The rising cost of living is not peculier to Zambia! It’s a global phenomenon! Our politicians must be truthful about the impact of the global economy on our economy!
    We were better off during SAP and HIPC because the global economy was relatively stable.
    We could not have contracted Eurobonds at a worse time that now when the global economy is volatile! Even those holding our debts are in distress hence it would be suicidal for them to write off our debts!
    In fact, because we have not learned our lessons as a country after SAP and HIPC, it’s a waste of time for our creditors to write off our debts. The best compromise is to have our debt restructured and still get to pay, maybe we can become more responsible as a people!
    This Economic mess ba UPND are trying to clean was left by PF!
    To condemn those who are trying to do the clean up is not being truthful and sincere! If anything, UPND’s coming on board slowed the Economic meltdown! You can’t be deep in Kaloba and expect to continue eating T-bone every day! Impossible!
    We have to go through a lot of pain before we get there!
    Giving ECL another chance after his friends have cleaned his mess is giving him another chance to come and mess us up again!
    He has nothing to offer than to want to protect himself using political power!
    From what President HH and the New Dawn team have done so far, there is hope for Zambia, as long as we don’t allow the PF thugs to derail things!
    Once the remaining Debt Restructuring is done, we should start seeing improvements in our economy!
    What President HH needs to do now is to stop playing soft!
    Deal ruthlessly with anyone trying to disturb the peace, to protect the fragile economic turnaround achieved so far.
    And no early elections, please!
    Bola ni 90 minutes!
    Let’s talk politics in 2026!

  4. So what solutions does this Jekison have?

    Offer alternatives bwana instead of bleating like a pregnant sheep.


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