New Hampshire primary: Haley continues to fight, but this is now Trump’s party


Donald Trump won in New Hampshire. He beat Nikki Haley to become the Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election.

He won, so he will probably get nominated. Even though Ms. Haley is still running, the former president is annoyed by that.

“She is doing. ” OR “She is working on. ” “He said his rival gave a confident speech, even though he had promised to stay in the race earlier in the evening. ” “She lost” She didn’t win.

A second match in the November election is likely with President Joe Biden, who is expected to be the Democratic candidate.

Even though Mr. Trump didn’t win by as much as expected in New Hampshire, it should still help him stay ahead in the race.

He won by a lot in the first contest in Iowa. The states in the upcoming Republican primary elections are more likely to support him than New Hampshire. This means he is likely to win more states and secure the nomination.

With every vote, the truth becomes more and more obvious. For many months, polls have shown that the Republican Party still belongs to Donald Trump.

His followers always support him, even when he faces legal or political problems. His type of conservative populism matches what his party’s voters like, and he cares about things like immigration, crime, and energy, just like they do.

It might not stop Ms Haley right now, but the truth is that New Hampshire was her best chance to slow down Mr Trump’s progress towards becoming the Republican presidential nominee.

She spent a lot of money here and had the support of the state’s popular Republican governor. But, even though New Hampshire has a lot of independent voters and college graduates, she still didn’t win.

Ms Haley is now getting ready for the primary election in her home state of South Carolina next month. But she needs to keep getting money for her campaign to reach her goal.

She finished better than expected, but that doesn’t mean she will definitely win. It’s harder for her to win the nomination now because Donald Trump is leading in many of the states left to vote.

If she does manage to stay above water, she may not get a very welcoming reception. Trump has the support of many important Republicans in South Carolina, and he is winning by a lot in the polls. The former president made sure to mention this in his speech on Tuesday night.

“We’re going to South Carolina and I’m pretty sure we will win easily,” he told the excited crowd in Nashua.

Ms Haley would be embarrassed to end her relatively successful campaign with a big loss in the place she used to be known for. She might be able to avoid it, but she has a month to try and change her fate.

Even if Ms Haley decides to quit soon, the New Hampshire election results might worry Mr. Trump’s team

A study by Fox News found that 32% of people who voted in the Republican primary would not vote for the nominee in the general election if he wins. Only 49% of people said they would think of themselves as a supporter of the political campaign called Make America Great Again.

A survey from CBS shows who supports Mr. Trump, but it also shows the things it can’t tell us. Most voters who said they were “very conservative” liked the former president and voted for him. He got the vote from 66% of people who didn’t go to college and also from evangelical Christians by a similar amount.

He got support from only 23% of moderates and 39% of college graduates, who he needs to convince in order to win against President Biden.

And after the results from Tuesday night, it looks like a rematch of the 2020 presidential election is more likely. But many Americans don’t want that to happen, according to polls.


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