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Zambia out of the AFCON

Postmortem: Next time don’t just pick players from 2 regions of the country.
There are 20 million of us & you cannot say those are best the players we have in a country of 20 million population.
Those players were not even picked by Avram Grant but given to him to train when he was appointed coach.
Let’s not choose or pick our relatives for the sake of allowances to represent our country & leave out Talent.
Learn from these mistakes.


  1. This is an unnecessary debate on the regional composition of players in the national football team. The fact is football in Zambia is most developed in the biggest towns. And our biggest towns developed around the mining industry where the mine owners also invested in sporting infrastructure as a form of recreation. Statistics collected by the Community Development department of Anglo-American Corporation in 1961are available and they show the regional origin of Copperbelt miners. Those statistics reflect the current composition of the national football team. There are no players in the national team coming from football clubs outside the major towns although football is played in every village and small town in Zambia. The football played in Senanga is as low quality as that played in Mwense. Tribe is not a biological factor and has nothing to do with how good or how bad one is at anything.

    • So the major towns have only two tribes that does not add up to me. Go back to the old line ups and see the composition. Those people were from the major towns too but region here does not mean physical locality but talent from other regions too who are in major towns. This is not being tribal…

  2. Some idiots only see tribe in everything. They will now be inspecting which region and tribe have more diarrheal cholera diapers to determine the source of Cholera. STUPID IDIOTS.

    • Bongobongo Brian truth hates. You PF idiots you thought Zambia belongs to you alone. See now, you have reaped sh*t from AFCON ba PF criminals.

      • Bob Mpombo, you bring shame to your fellow Tonga people. Why is it that some Tonga people think all other tribes hate them? What is there to hate even? Why do they see tribe in everything? All other Zambian tribes have moved on from tribalism and you never see them accusing one another of tribalism. Even the Lozi are moving on and are integrating well with other tribes. And now that the president is Tonga, and a tribalist, they want to punish other tribes claiming it is revenge. Awe sure, stop your nonsense.

  3. Here we go again, the warped minds at it again… These tribal zealots are becoming a thorn in the fabric of the nation. The composition of the Catholic Bishops in Zambia,to them is tribalism. The Composition of our national football team is tribalism…ECL, Chishimba Kambwili, Kalaba, Nawakwi, GBM, Zulu and any politician from the north east who shows some potential is labeled Tribalist …just sick and tired of these zealots in Hakainde’s

  4. Gunner you are totally wrong. I don’t know how old you are.Have you ever heard of excellent players such as Pele Kaimana, Willie Chibwika, Obbi Kapita and Francis Kazhiya who were discovered in clubs in Mwinilunga? How were such players brought in the Green Buffaloes Football team, and consequently played in what was then known as the KK ELEVEN? Let’s just face the bitter truth here.There is serious regionalism in the selection of players to the national team. Even the participation of local people in clubs outside the Copperbelt is biased in favour of players who happen to come from the two regions in question.Just look at the players in clubs such as Muza , Nakambala, Lumwana Radiants, Kansanshi Dynamos and the like. Check and you will find that most players in these clubs are Bandas or Musondas. FAZ should stop this nonsense.

    • I’m totally disappointed by you Yuri Andropov. Those players you mentioned who ended up at Green Buffaloes FC in Lusaka were connected to the Zambia Army sports department by a Mwinilunga-based family after being talent-spotted locally. They only became better players after leaving Mwinilunga. Had no one spotted them, they would have gone to waste and that was happening in every village and small town in Zambia. These comments are not new and I remember hearing them even in the 1970s and 1980s. You have not read enough about how Zambia came to be the country it is today starting from founding of the colony, arrival of Christian missionaries from various denominations, building of the railway line from Livingstone to the Copperbelt and the beginning of white commercial farming. These events gave you the country that Zambia is today.

    • @ Yuri
      Tell us, who picks players.for FC MUZA. Is it FAZ? Can people from other regions who do not want to play football be forced into the national team?

  5. You can claim disappointment as much as you like my friend. You can even insult as much as you like, but the truth will always look you in your face. Iam not from either Northwestern, Southern or Western province. Iam a Zambian from Mbala in Chief Tafuna’s chiefdom. I hate regionalism and tribalism in any sphere of life – be it football or politics. I repeat, FAZ should stop the nonsense of selecting players based on relationships and kasamufing. I don’t blame the coach and his assistants here. The blame lies squarely on Kamanga and his colleagues at FAZ who choose players and them to the coach. And you are again totally wrong about how the players I have mentioned found themselves in GBFC. Clubs on the Copperbelt and Lusaka used to go out in the provinces to play against secondary school teams. The aim was to identify talented players from the schools. That’s how we had those players who were referred to as Schoolboy Internationals.
    So let’s all advise FAZ to start casting their net wide and inclusive.

    • Yuri Andropov, you’re probably used to getting insulted. Sorry, I’m not going to insult you because I will achieve nothing at the end of it all. I do not know how the FAZ executive of Andrew Kamanga selects players for the national team but I believe they do their best. I know what Andrew Kamanga got involved in when he was working for the Zambian subsidiary of the Swedish-Swiss engineering supply company ABB. But that was years before he got involved with FAZ. You may have better information than me on player selection. That I’m ready to accept.

      • Do not defend a naked fact. The team is tribalistic. I know all of you from these regions dont like this but spade is a spade.
        Why did the Football House stop Provincial competitions at national level that saw the birth of KK11. Characters in that team were across the country. The tram was on merit NOT tribal…Mulengas, Bandas, Phiris….only. They discover talents from all over the country by bringing back the Provincials Football trials and finally select the best out of that as National Team. Tired if talking about this. Know what? They wont do that because their relatives will loose the participation at national level.

    • Yuri Andropov you are totally correct! These PF criminals are still burying their heads in the proverbial sand. What’s so special about Easterners and Northerners which can’t be found in other? This gentleman has spoken the whole truth about National Team composition. Let’s face facts!

  6. This is one of the biggest blind spot by Zambians from the Eastern and Nothern regions. If it is them it is NOT tribalism. I have said it and I am going to say it here again!
    Imagine the team was composed of;
    1. Chinyama Kakoma
    2. Hichani Himoonde
    3. Mubita Muyambango
    4. Siyamukayumbu Siyamujaye
    5. Mutondo Samakayi
    6. Hamaundu Hamududu
    7. Hachoobe Mapanza
    8. Musole Sakayi
    9. Monde Mulonda
    10. Mashimba Tambatamba
    11. Kennedy Tetamashimba
    To say the truth all Easterners and Northerners including Kasonde Mwenda would be saying; “IT IS REGIONAL TEAM SELECTION FROM THE ZAMBEZI VALLEY PROVINCES that’s why we are loosing.” But now because it is Easterners and Northerners you ca see how they are senselessly defending that fact that there are only their relatives related to Football House managers’ tribes. It is not a hidden fact if you compare the famous KK11 how the team selection was done and how strong it was! Football House used to go Province to Province for football trials came with a formidable cross country characters NOT only Bandas, Phiris, Musondas, Mulengas, Chandas…..The fact has been said, lets not defend it. Am a Zambian and the Observation is CORRECT.

  7. You last statements are actually very true There is abundance of information on the selection of players to the national team. Let FAZ do the right thing, and I assure you the Zambian flag will be flying high again. Have a great day, my dear friend Gunner.

  8. Funny how blame for Chipolopolo loss being lumped on Kamanga and his FAZ. Looks like @Yuri is another “bring back galu” zealot! The FAZ has never been involved in recruiting of players from any region of the country but the clubs have. This tribal rubbish is typical of pfidiots like the writer of this article and other zealots like Yuri….

  9. The issue of tribalism in football is nosense!! Whatever happens on the pitch shouldn’t be related to tribalism. When Zambia won Afcon in 2012 no one said it was for the bemba’s or Tonga’s. But today after being eliminated in the competition abo bafi**** with issues of tribalism.

    • Wiza you can’t hide the truth no matter what it will one day surface up. The fact remains that composition of National Football Team is made of Northerners and Easterners alone kwasira!

  10. Not the whole 20 million of Zambia are male football playing adults. Secondly, no all males in Zambia are interested or actively play football. Thirdly, football is about talent and skill not regional balancing. Footballers are not MPs who represent regions, they represent the country.

  11. But where are the players from the other regions? By way of example, what are the regions of origin of even the top players of FC MUZA? Has the FAZ football league notr spread to the breadth and width of Zambia? If so, why do we still get more national team players from two regions? Where is the evidence for the claim that FAZ selects the players for the national team? Can someone point to good players outside the two regions being talked about. Besides, how come professional footballers playing abroad still hail from the two regions? Where are professional footballers players playing abroad from other regions?

  12. All Zambians have the right to express their views on matters affecting us,as a nation.However,I feel it would not be a bad idea to pin point certain players who are better than those selected to play in the national team.Which players do you feel should have been selected ? This line of arguement will be more factual than accusations without justification.Over all Zambia did not impress at Afcon…to say the least…From Berlin

  13. Those who have nothing else to distinguish themselves rely on tribe to do the trick. That is sad because no one chose or proactively engineered being in their tribe. Use tribe as heritage symbol and nothing else. If you want to be different excel at one or more things! No excellence comes from tribe. Symbolic and wears no merit! Stop this nonsense before you start killing each other. Ubututu bwafulisha! Bragging rights should be on excess food production, quality education, good health systems, functioning infrastructure. Not Tribe

  14. Truth be told let there be equal resentation of region based on talent and skill and fast to think. Education matters in football. You have to mentally calculate at what speed l should kick the ball to pass and in which direction. Not these players who kick that skin of the ball ne ngala as a result the ball goes over the bar or it goes miles away from goal. I feel CAF should extend the goal posts this will help our team to score goals.


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