Bwalya Ngandu



FRED M’membe says good political leadership is built on honesty and accountability, among other principals.

Writing from Mwika Royal Village in Chinsali district, Dr M’membe who is Socialist Party president, said finance minister Bwalya Ng’andu lied when he told the nation that he held a meeting with creditors.

“Good political leadership is built on fundamental principles of honesty, fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency. There’s need to ensure total transparency, openness and honesty in every respect of political leadership,” he said yesterday. “Dr Bwalya Ng’andu is not an everyday Zambian politician. And as such we don’t expect him to behave like them – telling lies every day. It is a big embarrassment that Dr Ng’andu lied to the nation about his engagement with Zambia’s bondholders, only for them to issue a statement the following day that there had been no direct contact between them and the Zambian government.”

Dr M’membe said where honesty and transparency lacked in leaders there would be no trust.

“When honesty and transparency are lacking there can be no trust. You cannot cultivate a climate of trust in the absence of honesty. Consequently, fairness, accountability and responsibility cannot exist. Is a dishonest politician trustworthy, responsible and fair? Do they consider their accountability before being dishonest?” asked Dr M’membe. “Possibly yes, but in most instances no. Accountability is overlooked and lost. We live in a low trust society. To ensure good governance we must first address the issues around trust and honesty. The political leadership must be seen to be trustworthy and honest. Political dishonesty not only harms a nation’s prosperity but also shapes the moral behaviour of its citizens.

A shady political leadership influences the moral behaviour of its followers.”


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