By Elias Munshya

Niba kelenka.

GRZ owes civil servants money; for years. Several allowances etc.

Some civil servants owe some lending institutions some money. Usual stuff.

GRZ is proposing to use the money it owes civil servants to swap it with the money civil servants owe lending institutions. It is claiming that it will pay these lending institutions.

Why didn’t GRZ just pay civil servants their money so that they can do with the money whatever they want? Including paying the kaloba on their own?

For sure; the lending institutions are not part of this kelenka agreement and so if GRZ defaults on this kandolo swap, the lending institutions will still go after civil servants. GRZ has been defaulting on debts it owes important kaloba lenders such as China, America, Europe, and several international bondholders – how will they pay the little kaloba lender in Cairo or Katondo Street?

The PF is a kelenka party. It wants to swap bread for Kandolo; and swap a swamp of lies. You can tell when a party is just doing politics and lying.

Niba kelenka aba mwebo.


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