Nick Cannon’s 5th Baby Mama Bre Tiesi Spills the Beans About Her Intimate Encounter with Black Panther Star Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan x Bre Tiesi x Nick Cannon (Images: PEOPLE/Cosmopolitan)

Nick Cannon’s Baby Mama Bre Tiesi Opens Up About Past Intimate Encounter with Michael B Jordan

In a surprising revelation that set social media abuzz, Nick Cannon’s 5th Baby Mama Bre Tiesi has made a shocking revelation that she had tlof tlof with renowned actor Michael B Jordan.

The model-turned-real estate agent made the startling revelation on Netflix’s reality TV show Selling Sunset.

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A Shocking Dinner Conversation
On the seventh season premiere of the Netflix reality series, Bre Tiesi indicated that she had an intimate encounter with the Black Panther star at some point in her life. While she did not reveal the nature of their relationship at the time, the new castmate left her costars Chrishell Stause, Amanza Smith and Emma Hernan shocked by her revelation.

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Bre Tiese Claims She Had Tlof Tlof With Michael B Jordan
During a dinner conversation, Chrishell asked about their celebrity crushes

“Who would you sleep with, celebrity-wise? Who would you pick?” Chrishell asked. Amanza Smith promptly mentioned Michael B. Jordan as hers. To everyone’s shock, Bre Tiesi chimed in, confessing, “I could do that, and I ‘ve done that.”

Her bombshell revelation left her costars in disbelief with Emma exclaiming,

“Oh! You have? Oh! Oh my God! I wanna live through that vagina right now!”

Bre Tiesi sensationally added that she has had relations with all her favourite celebrities before making a disclaimer that she was joking.

“I’ve slept with all my favourites,” Bre replied before adding, “I’m kidding”.

The exact timeline of the tlof tlof encounter between Bre Tiesi and Michael B. Jordan remains unclear, but it’s worth noting that this revelation comes after she welcomed a child with Nick Cannon.

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Bre’s Perspective on Her Relationship with Nick Cannon
In the same episode, Bre also discussed her relationship with Nick Cannon, expressing her love for the former Wild N’ Out host. When Emma Hernan asked if Nick would be okay with her dating other people she simply responded,

“I don’t know. Maybe”

Chrishell Stause was taken aback and said,

“Wait. You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s not fair.”

Bre responded by emphasizing that although she does what she wants on the side, she would never disrespect Nick. She explained,

“I mean, I do what I want to do, but I still would never disrespect Nick. I just wouldn’t. And even his situations and stuff, I’ve always been nothing but respectful of that. I know people don’t get it, and I don’t care that people don’t get it.”


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