Nigerians offer ‘special prayers’ over troubled economy


Some Nigerians on Wednesday offered prayers over what they described as the country’s worsening economic situation.

Muslim traders in Nigeria’s biggest textile market, Kantin Kwari, in Kano state came out of their shops to pray on the streets saying they need God’s intervention on the economy.

One of the shop owners Hamisu Sani told the BBC that the situation has become unbearable for many as feeding is now a major problem for them.

“We offered this special prayer so that God can help us because we don’t know what our leaders are doing about this (the economy).

“A bag of rice and sugar are now out of reach for a poor person, we want God to help us,” he said.

In recent years, food prices have been on the rise across Nigeria.

The situation was made worse as a result of the impact of government policies such as the removal of subsidies on petrol


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