Nipsey Hussle’s assets valued at over $11M to be equally split between his two children


Nipsey Hussle’s total assets, valued at over $11 million, will be equally split between his two children Kross, 7, and 14-year-old Emani after they were declared the deceased rapper’s sole beneficiaries.

Hussle, born Ermias Asghedom, was fatally shot outside his Marathon Clothing store in his South-Central Los Angeles neighborhood in March 2019. In the wake of his death, his brother, Sam Asghedom, legally became the administrator of the late rapper’s estate, Face2Face Africa previously reported.

Per PEOPLE, recent court documents revealed Kross will receive 50% of cash and non-cash assets that will be transferred to his mother and the Victory Lap rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Lauren London. They have also been awarded an extra $113,000 as reimbursement for expenses spent on Emani’s “health, education and other matters.”

Samiel Asghedom and his family were awarded the other 50% of assets on behalf of Emani as they are the 14-year-old’s legal guardians. The assets, according to PEOPLE, include a 2012 Chevy Suburban, 100% membership interest in All Money Inc, 100% interest in Marathon Studios, 100% interest in The Marathon Touring, 100% interest in The Marathon Clothing Inc and the deceased rapper’s trademark portfolio. Other assets include additional companies and businesses.

Hussle and London had been dating since 2013 when he was fatally shot. In an appearance on PEOPLE Every Day podcast in January, the 38-year-old actress touched on how she has been dealing with her former partner’s death.

“I have to wake up with the intention of this every day because there are days I don’t want to, and I’m like angry about it,” she said. “And that’s what healing is. It is up and down, side to side, all over the place. You know what I mean? And with each new level, there’s something else.”

In February, the deceased Eritrean-American rapper’s killer, Eric Holder Jr., was sentenced to 60 years to life in prison after he was found guilty of first-degree murder last July for fatally shooting Hussle, Face2Face Africa reported.

Superior Court Judge H. Clay Jacke gave Holder’s sentence in a Los Angeles courtroom after hearing from one of Hussle’s friends and reading a letter from Holder’s father. Holder was also found guilty of two counts of attempted voluntary manslaughter after two others were injured in the shooting.

At the start of his trial last June, prosecutors told the court that Holder’s actions were planned and premeditated. Deputy District Attorney John McKinney alleged Holder was well aware he was going to take the rapper’s life. Hussle was struck at least ten times, McKinney said, adding that Holder also kicked the Racks in the Middle rapper’s head before fleeing the scene.

McKinney said the two men had gotten into a dispute after Hussle was made aware of Holder being a snitch. McKinney said the rapper had intended to “clear that up,” per The Associated Press. And prior to the shooting, the prosecutor said Holder together with Hussle and two of his friends had a “cool conversation.” Hussle was said to be without any security when he went to his store.


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