Binwell Mpundu’s post reads like a guidebook on how to dance around accusations of tribalism with the finesse of a toddler avoiding vegetables on their dinner plate. With all the charm of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, he suddenly declares himself a “traditional cousin” of the Tongas of Magoye, as if a weekend crash course in Tonga culture can erase years of alleged hate speech and derogatory TikTok videos he posts. It’s like trying to cover up a leaky boat with a Band-Aid and calling it seaworthy.

Indeed, Binwell Mpundu’s sudden embrace of unity and love while allegedly perpetuating tribalism and hate speech paints a vivid picture of hypocrisy. It’s like watching someone preach about the importance of honesty while simultaneously juggling a bag of lies. If hypocrisy had a mascot, it might just be wearing Binwell’s face on a banner.

His plea for unity is as convincing as a cat trying to act innocent after knocking over a vase – you can almost hear the faint echoes of his past divisive rhetoric bouncing off the walls of social media. While he preaches about love leading the way, it’s hard not to wonder if his newfound love for Tonga culture is genuine or just a convenient photo-op for his political image.

In the grand theater of Zambian politics, Binwell Mpundu’s performance is a comedy of errors, with hypocrisy playing the lead role and sincerity left waiting in the wings for its moment to shine. So, as he sets sail on his voyage of cultural enlightenment, one can’t help but wonder if his ship of unity will weather the storm of skepticism or sink beneath the weight of his own contradictions.
By Dr. Larry Mweetwa


  1. Binwell is not the only one. There are everywhere, in ruling and opposition parties. So many of these youths straight from being spoonfed through university/college and into politics. They think they are emulating the political careers of VJ and RB. VJ and RB sacrificed for the struggle for independence. They walked long distances, often on hungry stomachs and risking to be caught by colonial police. VJ suffered rejection from family members for choosing UNIP over ANC.

  2. Binwel Mpundu is a disgrace, a pretender and a nuisance! He habours bitterness and self pride. He is one championing division yet pretending. We know him; very useless ! The president is busy facilitating development in his constituency such as opening of Mopani and chibuluma road yet he is pretending as if nothing is happening in Kitwe. Kudos to Kitwe Mayor….she is above partisan politics. She must go to parliament. Whilst the CAMNEX show was taking place and the president was here in Kitwe, Binwell Mpundu was busy performing the JJ film. That’s scrap of the Mp!

  3. Why should Larry Mweetwa be speaking for ALL Tongas. This is total nonsense. Some of have no problem with Mpundu playing cousinship with us Tongas. In fact Mpundu is most welcome.
    We have these petty Tongas like Larry Mweetwa that think they are more Tonga than sone us which is total nonsense. Mweetwa should be talking for himself not everyone.
    In Tonga we say “uukamba tayaswi lya mukanza” which simply translates as “just forgive those that apologise”. This makes sense especially at the time of tribal tensions like now.
    Extremism which is the Brand of Larry Mweetwa’s politics does not help and is a sign of backwardness.

  4. Elementary,Watson!
    When one is in a forrest,one should not pay attention to the sounds of moving fauna or snapping twigs. You are now in the army. Governing is your business. The argumentum ad hominem way of debate is clearly not for a national leader like you.
    However,I concede that you have never been in government. You are still in the opposition mode!


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