Yamfwa Mukanga


Former Kantanshi Member of Parliament (MP) Yamfwa Mukanga says young parliamentarians should stop causing unnecessary drama in the House when raising issues because the poor etiquette being portrayed will cost some of them their re-election.

His comment follows the 30-day suspension slapped on Petauke MP Emmanuel Banda and his Mambilima counterpart Jean Chisenga for misconduct.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Mukanga, who is former Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication, further urged youthful lawmakers to refrain from using emotions when on the floor of the House.

He regrets that some young MPs are abusing their status by exhibiting unparliamentary conduct at the expense of voicing out important national issues affecting the electorate.

“I am saddened by the growing tendency we are now witnessing in Parliamant where some young Members of Parliament are wilfully abrogating the laws of the House by causing drama. We did not send them to Parliament to cause drama.

“If we the citizens who voted for them wanted drama, we would have sent them elsewhere and not Parliament. They should feel privileged to be in that House because that is a rare opportunity that God, through the people of Zambia who voted for them, has given them,” Mr Mukanga said.

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  1. Great and timely advice. Thank you! And this is coming from a PF member.
    This is also advice not only to the young members of Parliament but the Mundubiles and Kampyongos. When you speak your words carry and endorse a certain behaviour. Stop egging on MPs to behave badly. It reflects on you as well.

  2. Wise counsel from Mr. Mukanga. Contrast this with Mr. Lungu’s and Dr. M’membe’s comments essentially endorsing the outrageous behaviour of the Mambilima MP.

    The conduct in parliament of upstarts like the Petauke Central MP, Mr. Emmanuel “Jay Jay” Banda and his Lumezi counterpart, Munir Zulu has been at times shocking.

    Oldies like Mr. Mundubile who are supposed to give mature guidance to the upstarts have instead engaged in temper tantrums like spoilt kids.

  3. Well spoken from voice of the wisdom. Young parliamentarians lack understanding and knowledge about parliament proceedings and not knowing their responsibilities as Members of Parliament.

    They are ignorant coupled with little experience is contributing to their uncouth behaviour. If a Member of Parliament does not understand processes of national development, is not conversant with national development strategies and policies, how do you expect such a person to fit well in debating national issues?

    On the other hand, we have young parliamentarians who conduct themselves with high morals and integrity. For instance, the leadership of honourable MPs like Sunday Chanda, Christopher Chishimba Kang’ombe, Benwell Mpundu, Romeo Kang’ombe, and Misheck Mitelo conduct themselves with humbleness and respect. They are an inspirational to other youths and steadily are building their political careers.

    The uncouth behaviour and utterances coming from MPs like Jean Chisanga, Munir Zulu and Jay Banda is below the expectation of the National Assembly decorum. They are on a path of self-destruction. Where is the arrogance of Bowman Lusambo taken him?


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