NO OBJECTION: It’s Done And Dusted Miles Sampa Is The Legal President Of PF, As The Registrar Of Societies Changes The Office Bearers For PF

Miles Sampa

The amended Patriotic Front (PF) new office bearers at the Registrar of Societies. Old office bearers replaced with new office bearers until 2026 general conference.


  1. Is it? I do not think so and Miles Sampa would be naive to think it’s done and dusted. The matters in court remain undecided and I do not want to think they will go Sampa’s way.

  2. @ Gunner in Zambia , how many PF cases are in court? From my count there are four. 1. Miles injunction against the Luninda, Nakachinda and group from posing as PF senior Members 2. Miles contempt of court case against Lubinda, Nakachinda and group 3 Nakachinda injunction against Miles from posing as PF leader 4 Mundubile injuction against Miles from being P F President. The court has ruled on the Mundubile case by putting the matter on hold awaiting the Nakachinda injunction or requesting Mundubile to join the proceedings as matters are related. By technicality Nakachinda injunction will hang in balance awaiting the Miles injunction and contempt proceedings. From where I stand it’s game over Miles he as won. But look ets wait and see how it plays out . Bola ni 90 minutes they say.

  3. You are just waisting your time Miles Sampa is not PF president and will never be. After mingalato crafted by Hichilema as he publicly said it at a rally, those mingalato don’t work because they are full of illegalities. Even in football if your mingalato includes stepping on the knee of the opponent, the reference will penalize you with a red card. So that’s what will happen to Hichilema, the Zambian people will give him a red card whether he likes it or not for stepping on their knees!! So the constitution is law by which Zambia is governed , if anybody contravenes the constitution that person is answerable to the people of Zambia no matter how long it takes. So Sampa is not president of PF and will never be president of PF. You are just cheating yourselves. Elo muli bakalamba sana, and have degrees but you choose to fool yourselves. Your day of reckoning is coming , you will cry your mothers!

  4. Well, whichever wat. If you leave matters as they now stand with the Registrar of Societies, most likely PF will get to 2026 stable and prepared for elections. If other PF members keep on opposing Miles Sampa, the wrangles will go on till and beyond 2026 and any participation by PF in the 2026 elections will be very weak. So choose your choice properly.


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