ABRAHAM Phiri says the presidency in Zambia has been rendered antediluvian.

Phiri, the Copperbelt Young Leaders Initiative for Justice and Peace executive director, said President Edgar Lungu is not taken seriously by most Zambians.

In an interview, Phiri said the lack of respect for presidential directives speaks volumes of how the President has lost touch with reality.

“It is a shock that we have the President who seems not to be in touch with reality. Because the President and presidency in Zambia has been rendered antediluvian,” Phiri said.

He said it was shocking that all the directives of the President were being ignored.

“The President is good at making decisions that are not backed by laws. Unfortunately, they are ignored. Even now he makes a directive, it is ignored. Does the President listen to his advisers or the advisers are just not doing their job? We have an Attorney General who is paid, but does he advise the President?” Phiri wondered. “The President has made a lot of directives and none is followed. Look at the directives for the 20 per cent subcontracts, nothing is followed! Pay agro-dealers, it’s not followed! Churches reopening, not followed! This shows that no one takes President Lungu seriously.”

He said the presidency was a huge office that should be respected but that in Zambia it had been reduced to a “mere office”.

Phiri is of the view that President Lungu should be more proactive and make decisions that would change the face of country.

“He needs to be more proactive. It is not just a matter of talking and directing. But focus, to say this which I am directing what is the impact? How will it be received by the people? That is what leadership calls for. The President should be seen to be above board and work for the country,” said Phiri.



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