No Standing Ovation For Mr. Hichilema

As more Zambians react to President Hakainde Hichilema’s speech at the European Union parliament, Samuel Kasankha writes…


My president, His Excellency, Mr Hakainde Hichilema, can get as many kudos and standing ovations for his wonderfully crafted speeches abroad but as long as we are chasing after more foreigners than we already have to come and do things for us – things which I believe we can and should do ourselves – and all we will get are crumbs, I’ll give him a sitting ovation if such exists.

Our focus now should be on how we can give back to Zambians such industries as poultry, fish farming, block making, bakeries and the like which are sadly in the hands of the same foreigners we are still pursuing and who are paying locals peanuts while keeping them under slave work conditions.

Before you start quarrelling needlessly, please do a survey in as many industries as you can and find out what foreign investment is doing at the level of “creating employment”! You will cry from the sad stories workers will tell you.

Surely when are we going to say enough is enough in a country of suffering masses in which even small grocery business is monopolized by Rwandese, Burundese and the like and malls are the preserve of South Africans?

Are we accepting that we are INCAPABLE of ever doing anything ourselves? This narrative must change. Let us sit down fellow country men and women and determine our own destiny. If we are where we are because we never thought about it before that we are giving away everything we have to outsiders, bamwisa, let us put our heads together now and agree how best we can do it by ourselves for ourselves.

Sorry. No standing ovation for me no matter how good the speeches that invite vultures to come feast on what we have.

Zambia is our Heritage


EDITOR’S NOTE: The author is the vice president of the New Heritage Party.


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