THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has reduced to K100,000 from K150,000 the presidential nomination fee for the 2021 general elections, but political parties feel the amount is still high.

Stakeholders earlier rejected the proposal of K150,000, describing it as prohibitive.
According to the latest proposals, male aspiring presidential candidates are expected to pay K100,000 while female, youth and disabled State House hopefuls will have to pay K80,000 from the earlier proposal of K120,000.

The nomination fee in 2016 for presidential candidates was K60,000 across the board.
Men aspiring to be Members of Parliament and mayors will have to give the commission K20,000, a reduction from the earlier proposal of K25,000.

Female, youths and disabled candidates will be required to pay K15,000 from the earlier K20,000. The current fee in this category is K7,500.

Male council chairperson aspiring candidates will pay K3,500 from K10,000.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail


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