North Korea allegedly kills pregnant women and used girls with dwarfism in experiments

Kim Jong-un

A South Korean investigation claims that North Korea murdered a six-month pregnant woman and used people with dwarfism in human tests.

According to the article, persons have been executed for being homosexual and for practicing their faith, and the state has even forcefully sterilized disabled people.

In a lengthy 450-page report that was yesterday made public by the South Korean Ministry of Unification, more than 500 North Koreans who were able to emigrate described the horrifying human rights abuses that occurred between 2017 and 2022.

‘North Korean citizens’ right to life appears to be greatly threatened,’ the ministry said in the report.

‘Executions are widely carried out for acts that do not justify the death penalty, including drug crimes, distribution of South Korean videos, and religious and superstitious activities.’

They also heard testimony of nurses being forced to write up a list people with dwarfism so hysterectomies can be carried out, MailOnline reports.

A six-month pregnant woman was said to have been put to death after a video of her dancing whilst pointing to a portrait of Kim Jong-Un whilst dancing.

And a group of teenagers were allegedly executed by firing squad after they watched a video from South Korea and smoked opium.

The report also details North Korea’s ministry of Social Security blackmailed families into letting their relatives take part in human experiments – with the threat of sending them to prison camps.

Detention facilities saw frequent death and torture.

Female prisoners were also treated particularly harshly as they were were subject to sexual violence and forced labour.

Five out of the 11 camps identified by South Korea are still in operation.

The report came as South Korea seeks to highlight its isolated neighbour’s failure to improve living conditions while racing to boost its nuclear and missile arsenals.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol said the report should better inform the international community of the North’s ‘gruesome’ abuses, saying North Korea deserved ‘not a single penny’ of economic aid while it pursues its nuclear ambitions.

The Unification Ministry is required by law to make an annual assessment of the North’s rights situation.


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