North Korea claims to be launching spy satellite soon

Kim Jong-un

North Korea might try to launch a third spy satellite on Wednesday night, according to Japanese media.

Tokyo said that Pyongyang told them about a nine-day time period for the launch. It ends at 11:59 PM local time on November 30th.

Japan and South Korea will work together to strongly ask North Korea not to go ahead with the launch, as it would be against UN rules.

Pyongyang tried two times this year to launch a spy satellite into space, but it didn’t work either time.

The Japan Coast Guard said that North Korea notified them about three areas in the sea where they think debris from the rocket that was carrying the satellite might fall.

Two are on the left side of the Korean Peninsula and the other is on the right side of the Philippines’ island of Luzon.

Kang Ho-pil, leader of the South Korean military, said they will take action if the launch happens.

Kim Jong Un really wants a spy satellite because it will help him see if any attacks are coming and plan his own attacks better.

The United Nations Security Council has said that North Korea cannot launch satellites because they think it is a way for them to test their missiles.

South Korea found pieces from North Korea’s first rocket launch in May and said the satellite was not useful for military purposes.

Russian leader Putin said in September that he could help North Korea make satellites after meeting with Mr. But it’s not clear what exactly was promised.

This month, South Korea said they will send a spy satellite into space by the end of November. A rocket from a company called SpaceX in the US will carry the satellite.

Seoul plans to launch five spy satellites into space by 2025, and this is said to be the first one.


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