Jackson Silavwe

THE Golden Party of Zambia (GPZ) says it will not field a presidential candidate in the forthcoming general elections.

In a statement, secretary general Steven Mwale said the party’s financial position was not good.

Mwale said the decision was made after the national board of the party met over the weekend.

“The Golden Party of Zambia (GPZ) national board (NAB) met on the 17th April, 2021 to discuss the party’s participation and approach in the 2021 August [Presidential and] General Elections. After a thorough analysis of the party’s financial position, the GPZ National Board resolved that GPZ will not field a presidential candidate in the 2021 General Election unless the financial position of the party changes before the presidential nomination date,” said Mwale. “GPZ shall only participate at Parliamentary and Local Government levels in the 2021 General Elections. GPZ is still not available for alliances, pacts or endorsements of presidential candidates on other party tickets. As GPZ leadership, we remain committed to building a party of ultimate choice for the voters and the people of Zambia now and beyond 2021.”

The GPZ is headed by Jackson Silavwe.


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