Sikaile Sikaile

SIKAILE Sikaile has charged that people in PF are rich monsters who should be voted out next year.

Sikaile has also challenged Vice-President Inonge Wina to mention those that send people in government to steal public resources.

In a statement, he said the PF government had completely shifted away from people’s needs.

“Yes, they are rich monsters. Imagine the whole lot of the President openly telling his people in public offices to steal, but not get everything, who does that? No serious leader would encourage his team to steal. Only a playboy like Edgar Lungu does that through his ‘ubomba mwibala’ slogan which means stealing public resources,” he said.

“I’m very happy that today millions of youth and other concerned citizens who once believed in this corrupt government, their eyes have opened up and they can see for themselves that there is nothing good that can come out of a thieving government. My fellow youths, let us not be intimidated by these crooks. Their exit door is near. They have stolen enough from poor Zambians whom when they want to speak out, they get threatened.”

Sikaile called for courage among people, in spite of intimidation from PF and its agents.

“But I want to assure the people of Zambian that some of us are very ready to die just to make sure thieves leave our resources alone. We are ready to die just to defend the Constitution of Zambia, our nation and public resources,” he stated. “We are ready to fight this grand corruption which starts from State House to a PF ward level. For the sake of our future and that of our children as well as future generations, we shall sacrifice and put Edgar Lungu and PF in the political trash come 2021. We have seen the increasing number of corrupt activities, and the President, Mr Lungu is happy by protecting these criminals terrorising our resources like monkeys in a banana field. We shall fight for a better Zambia to ensure that all Zambians are catered for and have a share of what God has given us.”

And responding to Vice-President Wina who last week told parliament that youths who protested against corruption were being used by politicians, Sikaile said every citizen had a right to express themselves.

“May I also state that the remarks by Vice-President Inonge Wina to say ‘we, the youths protesting against her corrupt government, are being misled by politicians’ are disappointing and a clear indication that she is too old, and outdated to come to realities of what is going on in Zambia and the future of young people and future generations to come under the corrupt PF government,” stated Sikaile. “If I may ask Mrs Wina, who funds or misleads PF leaders to be stealing our natural resources since, to them, whosoever expresses their concerns about national issues is being funded by a politician? Under a normal circumstance, every citizen has a duty to protect the country especially when such evil and criminal activities like the rampant corruption are taking place in the country as though we have no leaders.”


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