Nothing Methodical About The Way Upnd Has Handled Kcm – Howard Kunda

Howard Kunda


….says Zambians will never fully benefit from mines run by foreigners

Ndola, Thursday, January 11, 2024

Zambia Wake-Up Party (ZAWAPA) President Howard Kunda says there is nothing methodical about the way the UPND Government has handled the issue surrounding Konkola Copper Mines (KCM).

Mine Unions last week bemoaned that delay by Vedanta to fully operationalise KCM after taking over the mine last year.

But Mines Minister Paul Kabuswe brushed aside concerns raised by mine unions that it is taking long for Vedanta to operationalise KCM.

Speaking from Ndola, Mr. Kunda said the delay by Vedanta to start running KCM has cast doubts on its capacity to run the mining firm.

He charged that the implementation of the deal between Konkola Copper Mines and Vedanta is taking long because the investor has no capacity to run the mining firm.

Mr. Kunda repeated that the PF Government was right to ‘grab’ Vedanta from KCM.

“This government goes ahead of itself instead of going step by step like they have been promising that they are methodical. Is this methodical that they have been talking about where it is always failure? We are not going to eat failure. I would like to agree with the mine workers unions who are protesting over this matter. This is our country and we need to put pressure on these people,” he said.

Mr. Kunda warned that Zambians will never fully benefit from mines run by foreigners.

“You know there was jubilation when they said the contractors would be paid and workers will receive bonuses but we are now learning that the same company they have brought back which failed the Zambian people has no capacity to run the mine. What is new about this company? We hear they have their own challenges so when will they come to take over KCM?” Mr. Kunda questioned.


  1. Ahahaha Zambians are intestining human beings we read research and analyse less but we are so quick to comment even the so called enlightend without really having the whole picture and understanding issues as the are it’s such a shame!!
    Fi PF were the ones who had the chance to sort out the KCM mess.
    Tha vendetta chaps have done nothing worth praise since they got KCM but the problem was that PF who had the chance to get rid of them didn’t do it because of corruption.
    They deliberately liquidated the company instead of termination of the contract which vendetta had breached.
    By liquidating they made the government liable instead and would have lost the case in our triggering a chain of events which would have made that mine dormant for long.
    The reason the case was withdrawn and new deal struck my freind was that that was the only sensible option available.
    It’s not about methodical it’s reality!!
    Vendetta yes is useless but I hope now the contract has been framed in such a way separating when the breach is not complex!!

  2. Mr. Painful Penis Kunda,

    Minining is complex and one specialised industry and capital intensive. Our mindset if given to run them, I doubt we can make it. Just roads out civil engineers daily drive cars on potholes, none of them has come up with an indigenous idea to patch them solid. Go to markets, not planned just full of dirt.
    By the way hope johnny has healed. Wake up Mr one man party

    • I have been saying this for a while that Zambians are not ready to run mining business at the moment. Just look at the companies currently run by Zambians, talk of Zamtel whereby even up now they still have not fully implemented 4G in some areas whilst their competitors have starting rolling out 5G, talk of Zesco which is a monopoly in it’s sectors and should have been very profitable but alas it’s still barely making profits. For one, Zambians lack patience but mining business requires a lot of patience on top of being capital intensive. Until that time when develop patience and other business skills, it’s better to allow those who have the requirements run the mines to keep our economy running.


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