Christopher Mvunga



THERE is nothing sinister about the police summoning former Bank of Zambia Governor Christopher Mvunga for interviews, police spokesperson Rae Haamonga has said.

Mr Haamonga said the police had summoned the former central bank Governor to appear at Chongwe police post and that they just wanted to interview him about certain issues.

But his lawyer Dickson Jere said that the matter had been resolved and nothing to do with his previous office.

Mr Jere said it was a small misunderstanding with a neighbour which actually happened in 2019 and they engaged the police and agreed there was no need for appearance at the police today.

He said the matter was of civil nature as it had to do with pollution and that he was the complainant but was later accused of trespassing.

“This issue does not involve his previous line of work but just a civil matter that involves his neighbor,” he said.

He however said he could not give details on what issues Mr Mvunga was summoned for as it would jeopardise investigations.

“Yes, I can confirm that the police has summoned Mr Mvunga to appear at Chongwe Police post in the morning but unfortunately I can’t give you the details,” he said.

Meanwhile, Economic Front President Wynter Kabimba said that it was clear that Mr Mvunga’s summon was because he was a close associate of former republican president Edgar Lungu.

Mr Kabimba said it was evident that the fact that Mr Mvunga worked in the previous Patriotic Front regime and occupied a key position, it was only right to assume that it was a political move.

He said that time had gone for governments to be persecuting individuals based on political lines and that this trend needed to stop once and for all.

“I saw the summon but to be honest I don’t want to delve much in the matter but I strongly suspect the reason Mr Mvunga has been summoned is because he was a close associate of the former president Edgar Lungu,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said all the people who had been summoned or searched had direct links with the former head of State and that it was not shocking that the list of close associates to Mr Lungu had continued to increase


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