Nothing Strange About Transactions On The Purchase Of Helicopter- Stanbic Bank Business Relations Manager tells Court

Joseph Malanji


…Stanbic Bank Business Relations Manager tells Court

Lusaka… Friday, February 9, 2024 ( Smart Eagles)

A STATE WITNESS has testified before Lusaka Magistrates Court that the purchase of the Helicopter was done by Gibson Power Systems and not Joseph Malanji in his individual capacity.

Francis Chilufya, a Stanbic Bank Kitwe Branch Business Relations Manager indicated to the court that there was nothing strange in the transactions relating to Gibson Power Systems.

When quizzed in relation to the dollar and kwacha transactions for the account, Chilufya said it was normal for transactions to be done in dollars for business entities on the Copperbelt.

When cross examined, the Witness denied bringing evidence before court which suggested that Hon Malanji personally purchased the Helicopter.

Based on the documents presented, the state witness did not know the source of the funds used to purchase the Helicopter.

When asked if he came across any illegal transaction on the account, he replied in the negative.

He agreed that all his testimony in Court does not relate to Honourable Malanji but Gibson Power Systems where he is merely one of the directors.

Defense Counsel Makebi Zulu asked “Prior to DEC coming in, the Bank did not flag any transactions? The witness reply was “No.”

“Do you recall that at some point, the account held $1m?” “Can’t recall.”

This is in a matter Hon Malanji and Mr Fedson Yamba are charged with possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime and willful failure to comply with procedure relating to procurement.

It is alleged that Mr. Malanji, between January 2020 and August 2022, in Lusaka jointly with others unknown, possessed a helicopter, deemed to be a proceed of crime.

And Mr Chilufya denied ever dealing with any of Hon Malanji’s Account.

He agreed that he was in Court to deal with Gibson Power Systems and not Hon Malanji’s accounts.


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