At the ECZ Presidents summit 2 months ago, NDC President Dr Chishimba Kambwili challenged ECZ CEO Patrick Nshindano on how it would be possible to register 9 million voters in 30 days.

Dr Kambwili speaking from a practical point of view stated that ;

1: The current voter register had just over 6 million voters.
2: The 6 million voters were registered over 3 election cycles in 2006, 2011 and 2016.
3: Voter registration in each of those 3 cycles was done over a period of 90 days.

So if ECZ was only able to register 6 Million voters over a period of 270 days, how were they going to register 9 million over 30 days?

The maths simply didn’t make sense right?

In his response, Mr Nshindano was beeing cheered and backed up by political clowns Cosmo Mumba, Chilufya Tayali and Sean Tembo.

Nshindano then cooked up a big lie, the video is there and real journalists who have access to him should question him.

Nshindano categorically stated that to achieve 9 million, ECZ would make each of the 9000 polling stations in Zambia a registration centre for the whole period of 30 days.

He went further to make a calculation that they only needed to register 33 people per polling station each day to get to 9 million.

33 voters x 30 days x 9000 polling stations = +/- 9 MILLION

That was all a lie and these words will be used against him in a court of law!

The truth of the matter is ECZ did not have 9000 registration KITS.

They’ve only deployed 2400 registeration kits, which means they are operating at only 25% of the capacity Nshindano said they had.

That’s why they introduced 4 phases of 25% capacity each.

The only way the ECZ can reach 100% capacity of 9000 registration centres operating for 30 days is for the voter registration exercise to be extended for another 3 months to cover for the 75% lost capacity.

So in real terms, for the 9 million to be attained at a rate of 33 per day per polling station, and for Nshindano to fulfill his promises to the people of Zambia, the voter registration exercise must be extended to 9th March 2021. -NDC


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