Numsa condemns the actions of the Zambian govt in issuing arrest warrant for Fred M’membe

NUMSA means - National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa

Johannesburg – National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) general secretary Irvin Jim has condemned the actions of the Zambian government, under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema, for issuing a warrant of arrest against Dr Fred M’membe.

Jim said that M’membe is the president of the Socialist Party of Zambia and that the union was deeply shocked to find out that he is being targeted by the state and that a warrant of arrest has been issued against him.

M’membe is wanted for allegedly publishing forged letters by President Hakainde and Home Affairs Permanent Secretary, Josephs Akafumba, on “Containing the Catholic Church”.

“This document outlines a five-point plan for Hichilema’s 2026 election campaign. It claims that Hichilema has plans to contain the Catholic Church in Zambia; cover up the corruption of the governing UPND, which he leads; weaken opposition parties; and capture the Electoral Commission of Zambia,” read the statement.

According to Jim, M’membe denies ever having published such a document. “It is outrageous that he should be facing arrest over such a ridiculous allegation.

“Dr M’membe has alerted us to the possibility that the state may execute the arrest warrant at any time because the Zambian government has been cracking down on opposition leaders.

“There have been a spate of abductions in Zambia where members of opposition parties are kidnapped and beaten by the police,” added the statement.

The statement further said that it is alleged that Emmanuel Mwamba, who is the former Zambian Ambassador to South Africa and also a senior leader in the Patriotic Front, was a victim of such an attack.

“Pictures of him with bruises on his body have been doing the rounds on social media. He alleges on his Facebook page that police abducted him when he was at a car wash before he was detained at Emmasdale police station for two days. Mr Mwamba was released with visible bruises on his body, allegedly from being physically assaulted by the police.

“Zambian dissidents are under siege from attacks led by Fanwell Siandenge, the Deputy Inspector General in charge of State House in Zambia. He is allegedly leading ‘gestapo-type’ arrests and detentions against all of Hichilema’s opponents,” said the statement.

“It is ironic for Numsa to have to write such a statement because in April 2017, prior to Hichilema’s election to the presidency, he was also a victim of unlawful detention by the state under former President Lungu,” added the statement.

source: iol


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