NYAU DANCER GOES WRONG…….Gule Wamkulu arrested after fatal shooting during performance



…….Gule Wamkulu arrested after fatal shooting during performance

A NYAU dancer in Sinda, Eastern Province, who belongs to a special group called commandos, has been arrested after a man he allegedly shot at with a home-made gun while performing the famous dance died.

Benson Banda, 27, was shot on March 5 but died on Monday March 13 at Sinda Zonal Health Centre where he had been admitted.

Eastern Province police commanding officer Limpo Liywali said the incident occurred when a Nyau group from Chaponda village of Seya area in Sinda invited their fellow Nyaus from Dole village to perform.

“Then when the time came for the Nyau dancers called commandos to perform, two ‘commandos’ entered the arena, and they usually perform with hand-made guns. During the performance, one of the Nyau dancers fired the gun and all was well and no one was injured.

However, the second Nyau dancer fired the gun and Benson Banda was shot in his right leg,” he said.

Mr Liywali said the victim sustained a gunshot wound and was rushed to Seya Clinic where he received medical attention and was discharged.

After seeing no improvement in his health, he decided to visit another clinic, where the medics removed a piece of metal from his right leg and he was discharged.
“On March 12, 2023, he was taken back to Sinda Zonal Health Centre where he was admitted and unfortunately on March 13, 2023 around 07:00 hours, Benson Banda died,” he said.

“It was at this time that the nephew of the deceased, Yobe Mbewe, of Chaponda village, Chief Kawaza, reported the matter to the police.”

Mr Liywali said the body was picked and taken to the police station, where it was inspected before being transferred to St Francis Hospital for postmortem and thereafter burial…


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