Obama mourns former chef who died by drowning


A former White House chef, Tafari Campbell, who had served the Obama family, has tragically lost his life in a paddleboarding accident.

The chef, 45, was visiting Martha’s Vineyard, the Obama’s home in Massachusetts when he drowned.

According to CNN, Campbell was reported missing after he went paddleboarding on Sunday evening.

In a statement, Barack and Michelle Obama mourned Campbell, describing him as a beloved part of their family, and expressed their sorrow over the loss.

“He’s been part of our lives ever since, and our hearts are broken that he’s gone.” They added he was an extraordinarily kind person.

Witness accounts indicate he appeared to struggle momentarily to stay on the surface of the water before submerging and not resurfacing.

Another paddle boarder present at the pond witnessed this distressing incident.


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