OCiDA calls on Chief Justice to handle PF matters himself to ensure timely hearing


OCiDA calls on CJ to handle PF matters himself to ensure timely hearing

By Mwiche Nalwimba
OUR Civic Duty Association (OCIDA) says it is gravely concerned by the Judiciary’s conduct in politically sensitive cases involving the main opposition PF and Miles Sampa.

The association has since appealed to Chief Justice Mumba Malila to either take interest in the cases, or to sit as a High Court judge and hear the matters himself so that they are concluded timely.

Meanwhile, OCiDA has lamented the continued violation of civil and political rights by the new dawn administration and has appealed to citizens to do to UPND what they did to PF in 2021, if they don’t change for the better…


  1. I think the bishop doesn’t understand thae implications of what he is asking for. Already the PF issue has created a lot of accusations that government is involved, what more if it gets special attention as the bishop is suggesting?
    Won’t this render credence to the very claims that the state is involved especially if it goes against the expectations of some people it to go? What we should be advocating for is speedy conclusion of ALL court cases regardless of who is involved and I would have expected the bishop to be advocating for such not pushing for special treatment of some people or groups?

  2. Exactly the point there. This Bishop is politically biased and fighting wars for preferred people. This is ungodly. The Judiciary is already under spot light from sections of society, unjustified as we know. If Lungu loses the case this man will want to say Judgement is wrong.

  3. This bishop Mpundu has decided to confirm the OCiDA to be another pfidiots branch like the Kola and Umodzi Kumawa! Even demanding how pf cases should be heard and by whom. Who does he he think he is together with the rest of pfidiots? Seems he wants yi compete with he’s friend bishop Banda who was referred to as lucifer, ok then he can be satana!!!!!

  4. All the PF idiots, inclusive of Lungu and it’s affiliated one man parties and so called NGO’s have no shame. The start with one fool making outrageous demands and then all the fools start parroting the chorus and they all end up believing their demand to be legitimate. To make things worse, this exactly how Lungu ruled Zambia. He was taking advice from cadres. Even now check how Lungu has been forced to come out of retirement. When Mumbi Phiri talks, Lungu has to abide the instructions given by Mumbi phiri without question!!


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