Of being well brought up ……


The other day, former president Edgar Lungu held a press conference in league with a coterie of other so-called opposition leaders….. well, we are not quite sure whether some these individuals deserve to be decorated with such lofty accolades as their membership is limited to the parameters of their yards or circle of family and friends.

When it was ba Lungu’s turn to speak, he went gung ho rumbling and grumbling about how things are not quite okay in the nation!

“They say I was the worst president, my worst is far much than HH, we the Patriotic Front (PF) were not best but we were better!” he exclaimed.

The former president finally dropped a clinker and left everyone with jaws dropping when he got personal and made some rather contemptuous and denigrating remarks about his predecessor.

“The power that gentleman is using is the same power I had, but did you see what you are seeing now? No, because I was well brought up,” bragged Lungu.

In other words, the former head of state is obviously suggesting that President Hichilema hasn’t been well brought up. Well…..we shall now endeavour to paint a clear picture of a badly brought up person for the benefit of everyone reading this.

To begin with, what’s the meaning of a badly brought up individual?

A proper definition of a badly brought up individual is simply someone who’s of poor stock – uncouth and devoid of basic manners. Such characters are usually unhinged and tend to have sadistic behavior. They are prone to binge drinking and abuse of drugs, gambling and indulging in illicit sex! Perhaps a few probing questions shall suffice at this juncture.

Who “chewed” money for a widow as a lawyer which led to his suspension by the Law Association of Zambia? Doesn’t this surely border on sadistic conduct? Let’s come to binge drinking……who has a history of consuming substantial amounts of alcoholic beverages and ‘burning’ what’s supposed to be life savings on gambling in some Casinos in Lusaka? Is this a good mark of a cultured human being? Let’s now tackle infidelity……who has insatiable appetite of chasing after every skirt he comes across, including flying-in ‘tuma girls’ from abroad to come and pamper him that has left banakulu traumatized?

If we may completely ply open the can of worms; is it surely normal for one to send a battalion of armed party cadres camouflaged in police uniforms to go and defecate on the matrimonial bed of a political competitor? Who gassed our citizens……not in Kabulonga, Northrise or Parklands but in shanty compounds – Chiwempala, Chipulukusu and Chibolya? Who robbed University students of bursaries and meal allowances? Who left out certain regions in his appointments to government positions? What about denying areas perceived to be opposition strongholds, CDF and meaningful development? Which party cadres would arm themselves with pangas, knob kerries, catapults, baseball bats etc and go on rampage opening-up skulls, knocking out teeth, gorging-out eyes and breaking nostrils and ribs of their opponents? Who collapsed on independent media and caused the closure of our favourite The Post Newspapers, Prime TV and Komboni Radio?

Let the sleeping dogs lie Sir; how dare you want to take us back to the days of our enslavery in Egypt!

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


  1. No one knows where president Lungu came from. Who are or were his parents. The one person that wanted to reveal wad threatened. Wr know president Hichilema has from Southern province and he is Tonga by tribe. Who is president Lungu. Which province tribe or village do his parents come from or which komboni

  2. Wake up Lozis. The Litunga and his gang are not advocating for democracy, or for your freedom to choose your leaders or for you one day to become leaders of that province, they are advocating for a dictatorship where ONLY they rule you own you and own the ground you walk on. They are selfish greedy people who think they are better than you because of the womb they came from. Sickening and retrogressive and archaic. Everything they advocating a world of yesterday with zero plans but full of greed.


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