By David Zulu /23.05.23

The Catholic Church is known for its highly educated clergy, and this can be attributed to their belief in setting an example for their followers and emphasizing the importance of education. Education is seen as a powerful tool in the fight against social injustice, as well as addressing issues like ignorance, poverty, early marriages, hunger, disease, and sexual violence.

For centuries, the Catholic Church has been associated with some of the world’s best universities and schools. Therefore, it is problematic and sends a wrong signal, especially to the youth, when a Catholic priest like Father Anthony Salengeti undermines the value of education from the pulpit.

The Book of Malachi in the Bible highlights the significance of writing down one’s plans and visions as a way to explore, understand, and demonstrate commitment to achieving them. Analyzing graphs and studying past, present, and potential future directions of a problem helps in designing solutions to tackle specific challenges.

President Hakainde Hichilema has a deep understanding that people cannot survive on anything other than food. In a piece he wrote for the Washington Post in March, he shared his experiences of living in an imperfect democracy, spending a significant part of his adult life in opposition in Zambia, facing charges of treason and enduring multiple periods of imprisonment. He emphasized that while human rights sustain the spirit, they do not fulfill the basic need of nourishment.

“You cannot eat democracy…” he said.

During the 10-year despotic reign of the Patriotic Front (PF), principles and morals were distorted and twisted. Theft and corruption became admired, and ethnic divisions and violence against fellow citizens were not only accepted but also institutionalized. As people competed for illicit resources, good individuals, including some clergy, lawyers, and members of civil society, were compromised and destroyed.

It is a shame that Father Anthony Kapambwe Sangaleta mocks the President’s sincere intentions and detailed plans to move the country forward in the right direction. This attitude is deeply regrettable.


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