Official jet of Justin Trudeau breaks down again

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The airplane of Canada’s leader, Justin Trudeau, stopped working while he was on a trip to Jamaica. This is the second time in four months that he has had trouble during his travels.

The Canadian military had to send another plane with a repair team to fix the problem.

Mr Trudeau went to the Caribbean island for a vacation with his family.

In September, Mr. Trudeau had to stay in India for two extra days because of a problem with the plane.

The Prime Minister had to fly on a military plane for safety and went to Jamaica on 26th December.

CBC news reports that the issue was found on 2 January.

The next day, another plane took a team to fix the first one, according to a spokesperson from Canada’s defense department.

He came back on 4 January like he was supposed to.

Both planes were new CC-144 Challenger aircrafts owned by the Canadian Armed Forces.

Mr Trudeau has had a lot of problems while traveling in the past few years.

In September, his plane had a problem and was delayed when he was leaving Delhi after a G20 meeting.

In 2019, while running for re-election, a bus carrying reporters crashed into the wing of an airplane rented by Mr. Trudeau’s Liberal party.

Later that year, he had to use a different plane to go to a Nato meeting in London because the first plane was broken in an accident.

However, there was a problem with the extra airplane, so the prime minister had to use another one to go back home.


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