An old video of a woman accusing American Bishop TD Jakes of having tlof tlof with young boys has startled people online.

The Controversy Engulfing Diddy’s Parties
Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes is currently trending globally following claims that he participated in Diddy’s wild parties. In October, rapper 50 Cent said he never attends Diddy’s parties because of what happens with men there.

There are also allegations that celebrities and influential figures engage in tlof tlof with men and young boys at the parties. This has, however, not been substantiated yet.

A video emerged on TikTok, and one lady said TD Jakes, who is Diddy’s friend, also took part in these wild parties and had his way with men and boys.

Old Video Alleges Bishop TD Jakes Had Tlof Tlof With Young Boys

A 2022 video has gone viral following claims that TD Jakes had tlof tlof with men at Diddy’s parties. A woman who runs the YouTube page, The Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog, gave a chilling prophecy saying Bishop TD Jakes will fall. She revealed that the famous preacher is part of a Satanic cult. The lady said:

“God was speaking and saying that TD Jakes is a Freemason. That this man has taken an occultic vow and he is part of a brotherhood. That he is serving Satan, who is his true lord and master.”

She claimed that TD Jakes uses his gift to deceive congregants into the dark world:

“You’re sitting there, and a man has taken an oath to an entity with breasts and a tail, sitting under the sea on a throne with a crown on her head. Your pastor serves that thing and stands before you, preaches a word of seduction to you, has taken the souls of the members and can hand them over at any time to pay dues under the sea.”

In the 2022 video, the woman added that TD Jakes is a pa_doph_le who has tlof tlof with boys and young men. She claimed he cheats on his wife, does not care about women and is attracted to men.

The lady said every shenanigans would come out, and the bishop will try to use his influence and power to suppress evidence in legal battles. She revealed that TD Jakes will die fighting scandals to save his reputation.

Check out a snippet below and click here to watch the full video.


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