Canisius Banda

[The truth about fuel prices]

By Dr. Canisius Banda

Zambia is now a de facto 51st State of America.

The IMF has taken over.

Acting ultra vires, our government has swapped our sovereignty for DEBT relief/management.

Zambia is a pilot project.

It is NOT being run by Hakainde HICHILEMA. It is being run by the West through their agents, some of whom are now at our own State House.

The increase in the cost of fuel has NOTHING to do with the Russia-Ukraine war.

It has everything to do with the IMF.

It is a product of the now extant and active master-puppet relationship at play in the governance of Zambia today.

Now read the following:

‘…They [Hakainde and group] are playing with fire. They are lying about the war.

In fact, they are ABUSING [deception and lies] the Russia-Ukraine war, using it as a disguise for compliance.

The global price of oil has gone down drastically from a high of almost USD140/barrel to under USD110/barrel today [31 March 2022].

Further, the US has just offloaded a massive amount of oil onto the global market from their strategic reserves, and are forcing OPEC to release and produce more.

The truth about Zambia’s pricing is that there was a “MINIMUM COST REFLECTIVE PRICE ” agreed upon with the IMF which has NOT been reached yet.


In keeping with April Fools’ Day, Hakainde HICHILEMA and group are merely pulling wool over citizens eyes.

Fooling Zambians.

These are not Russia-Ukraine war induced prices; they are the EFFECTS OF THE OF SUBSIDIES DEMANDED by the IMF for Zambia to qualify for its obnoxious, and deadly programme [hypocrisy].

Yes, we are headed for crazy tough times.

Social unrest will soon occur.

Fuel is a universal input in domestic and economic activities.

This behaviour of theirs, without suitable coping mechanisms, will lead to a spike in inflation and drastic rise in cost of living, inevitably eroding the quality of life of the majority of the already impoverished Zambians.

Truly, we must brace for desperation, more suicides, and social chaos even riots.

It is insane that a PERSON and PARTY elected to lead a country and lower the cost of living actually increases it immediately upon being elected, without even a thought to alternatives/coping mechanisms…’

Further, note that the old stock at service stations has NOT been exhausted completely.

So this stock, bought to be sold at K21.96 per litre for petrol will now sell at K26.50 per litre.

Isn’t this cheating?
What does the Consumer Protection Agency of Zambia say about this?

This then is the truth about this government, which has now, ultra vires, surrendered our sovereignty without the sought permission from citizens.

Aluta continua!
Indeed the struggle continues!!


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