Only M’membe can ‘face off’ HH in 2026 – Hapunda


Only M’membe can ‘face off’ HH in 2026 – Hapunda

NEWLY appointed Socialist Party Media Director Brian Hapunda says the Socialist Party is the only formidable opposition that can challenge the UPND administration in 2026.

And Hapunda says PF cannot represent Zambians in its current state.

In November this year, Hapunda resigned from the Patriotic Front, citing lack of effective leadership and clear political direction within the party.

In an interview, Hapunda said at the moment, PF was not a formidable party to challenge the UPND in 2026 because it was divided.
( News Diggers)


  1. Don’t get excited with bafuledi please. Pf already said even a cockroach or koswe will get ecl’s support against HH7.

    By the way you know fuledi looks at tongas as “choice beef” ka? So iwe ndiwe ox-tail, slowly being prepared for a sumptuous dudex meal. Ask wynter why he ran away like john general or how fr frank was turned into a kampenga. Watch your yakumbuyo uko wayenda!!

  2. If you look at the political landscape of Zambia, it is true to say only the socialist party is organized enough and attractive enough to challenge UPND, PF has quickly driven itself to oblivion by sticking to the same spent forces while calling itself a rebranded force, while the socialist may not win the 2026 elections, it will make a lot of inroads in readiness for 2031, it has the ability to get a lot of seats from both PF and UPND, These are facts which cannot be overlooked


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