William Harrington


Likute Bo Masumba.

Firstly, I am a son of the soil of Barotseland having been born in the Protectorate many years before the failed “marriage” between Barotseland and North-Eastern Rhodesia in 1964 and therefore please note my interest.

I am also Trustee of the Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) an organisation that stands for PEACE.

I have said it before and will repeat by way of EMPHASIS.

The issue of Barotseland is a legal matter. It will not and indeed cannot be resolved through threats and strong arm tactics from the State. It is an open secret that the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 is an International Treaty which was unilaterally abrogated in 1969 by the Government of the day. This development has been challenged since that time. The Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) one of the organizations formed and tasked to implement the Barotse National Council Resolutions of 2012, did present 6th Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu with the Permanent Court of Arbitration Submission Document to agree to take the matter of Barotseland for arbitration by that neutral and impartial body aforementioned. President Lungu neglected, ignored or simply refused to sign. Soon after current President Hakainde Hichilema assumed office in 2022, fresh documents were presented to him. I delivered the documents personally to State House. BNFA sincerely believed that President HH would keep his campaign promise and that of his party that he, HH, would WILLINGLY, AMICABLY and PEACEFULLY resolve the issue of the Barotseland. Alas, President HH has acted likewise. There is deafening silence from him.

At a recent press conference, President HH in an answer to a question, assured the nation that during his tenure of office he would not allow blood to be spilt on the plains of Barotseland. The BNFA welcomed that assurance as progressive. So Bo IG Musamba, I am PLEADING that you should be the last person to express yourself in the manner you are doing. Let us learn lessons that threats and strong-arm tactics have never worked in the past, will not work now and can never work in the future. We can draw lessons from the so-called Mongu disturbances of 2010 when Barotse nationals were arrested, imprisoned, tortured and even killed but that sad occurrence has not changed the people’s resolve. Nelson Mandela (MHSRP) suffered many years of incarceration under the Apartheid regime but eventually the will of the people prevailed. The rest is history. I am pleading to you to be sensitive to the fact that the people of Barotseland are still grieving at the loss of relatives and friends who suffered injury and loss of life following the Mongu disturbances. PLEASE DO NOT ADD SALT TO THE INJURY.

The solution to the Barotseland – Zambia impasse lies in President HH appending his signature to the Permanent Court of Arbitration Submission Document. We also believe that you as IG of Police is well positioned to use your professional acumen to convince the President of the importance of the arbitration process as is being proposed by the BNFA on behalf of the BNC and the people of Barotseland generally.

Just a polite reminder. You may wish to recall that General Christon Tembo (MHSRP) fell – out with First Republican President Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda for allegedly “refusing” to send the Zambian Army to quell riots on the Copperbelt. Gen. Tembo, as a matter of principle, refused to use the peaple’s army against its own people!!!

Muzuhe hande.

William Harrington


  1. Bo William Harrington, there is no country called Barotseland!
    Which part of this sentence don’t you understand?
    You Barotse people have fraudulently claimed territories even in neighboring countries like DRC, Angola, Namibia and half of Zambia. Do you think even a mad president will entertain such fairy tales?
    Moreover, many people from the disputed territories have inter-married extensively. Don’t you realize how many marriages you risk destroying because of your insistence on a dead issue?
    Are you not already an old man bwana and don’t you see you may leave problems behind for your descendants?
    We cannot be discussing Treasonous issues when we are faced with many challenges of Debt crisis and Climate change crisis!
    Many people, including those who are in the territory of your interest, are at risk of dying from hunger and when the government is busy looking for mitigation measures, you want to bring this Barotse thing? Don’t you have sense of proper timing?
    To the IG, do not be intimidated!
    Arrest anyone agitating for secession and charge with high treason!
    Don’t negotiate with terrorists!
    If you have to use maximum force, please don’t relent!
    You are under Oath to protect the territorial integrity of Zambia and no inch is for sale!

    • The man isnt embarassed to raise this issue with a name like Harrington. Is Harrington lozi? He just wants to eat double tobela….when erupts these are the same people who claim their father’s heritage to get assylum….

  2. Indeed which map was used to sign any agreement with both British and northern Rhodesians? Who drew it? We would like to see it and authenticate it. The truth is the British imposed their own map on the Africans and that cant stand

  3. The case for Barotseland independence is a very weak one. To start with Barotse people face no discrimination in Zambia. They enjoy all the rights of citizenship without hindrance. They vote, they get voted for and hold state office in Zambia. They are full participants in the affairs of Zambia. William Harrington himself is a former minister in the Zambian government and willingly sought public office as a Member of Parliament from where he was appointed as Minister of Transport in the Chiluba government. Did betray the Barotse cause by serving in a foreign government?

  4. One would have thought this man is wise considering his involvement in the forest 27 matters. We thought he was quietly enjoying his old age kanshi he is scheming treasonous routes.

    • The interesting thing about William Harrington is that he actually lives in Lusaka despite indicating a Senanga address in his open letter to the Police IG. Perhaps Harrington should have began by apologising for having served as a minister in the Zambian government. He should also prepare to move to Senanga and lead the agitation for Barotseland’s separation from Zambia from Barotseland itself. It’s absurd to champion the separation while living in a supposed foreign land because he looks like a sell-out.

      • In short, he is a hypocrite. Further the essence of this letter suggests the Police use of force.
        The Police will ONLY resort to force if driven to do so. So who is driving the Police to use force? The BRE in their presser suggested they’d meet with Government. Before that meeting takes place, associations claiming to represent the Litunga make unwarranted statements.
        The PM of the BRE should tell Harrington and similar organisations that represent the Litunga to stop being detractors. You dont see three or four opponents in a boxing ring. The BRE are said to be the representitives of the Lozi people. If we want to have a clear and rational conversation let those who have the right to speak for the BRE speak for it. Ba wanna be…iyo


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