Dear, President Edgar Lungu,

Greetings to you and the first family.

I am very sure that you are ok because Mr Kasaka Kandalama cannot run out of money.

As for us, it is a living hell out there; our leader left us a long time ago. We only see him on recorded national address.

I will lie to you Mr President whether he is there or not; however that is a story for another day.

In this short letter Mr Lungu, I just want to make this humble request to you Sir, to help Honourable Miles Sampa get back to his original being.

Miles Sampa was a very brilliant and smart young man, but since 2015, it is very shameful to see him in a questionable state is currently in.

He was a future presidential material and not that bwana corruption, Chitalu Chilufya you are giving immunity for stealing our money at the Ministry of Health.

I will be very honest with you Sir that when I look at Sampa today, and the way I knew him way back, I shed tears.

For so many years after the demise of President Mr Michael Sata, Miles Sampa’s daily life changes has been a sad development to me.

Mr President, of course not in my hand writing but just making a follow up on what Seer 1 recently told the nation and the world at large that you are behind Sampa’s sudden change.

I got so much concerned about his lamentation on how you and others worked on Sampa’s mind to be like that.

When I watched Seer 1 narrating about how this once great young man Miles’s mind was tuned by whatever means just to make sure you win the elections at all cost leaves much to be desired Sir.

I have been waiting for a clarification from your office whether you know something about the issues Seer 1 told the nation about or not. But the silence of your office on this serious issue has sent the country into panic of who you truly are.

Imagine if it was HH accused of doing that to GBM, what could have been your reaction and the amount of falsehoods from ZNBC?

You are holding the highest office in our nation and you need to clear the air, or we believe what Seer 1 is talking about.

In other words, citizens are now believing that your presidency came from dark powers.

And looking at how you and your ministers are driving this country in a crazy direction, millions of Zambians are beginning to take Seer 1 more serious than you.

The question many Zambians have asked me to pass to you Sir is that; do you any time soon intend to reverse your action on the poor Miles Sampa’s life or ni Go Go forward agreement you made with Seer 1?

Sir, as citizens, we are now scared to even entrust you with this country anymore because of the same thing you got engaged into to become the President of Zambia by all means.

I am begging you Sir on behalf of Sampa’s family and friends who may have fear approaching the powerful you that do something to our dear brother Sir and let him be the Sampa that some of us had got inspiration from and hoped one day he can even preside over this country.

Please Sir, set him free!

Your consideration to this humble and sincere request will be greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Sikaile Sikaile

Good Governance and Human Rights Activist


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