24th January, 2024

Dear Republican President.

Knowing for sure that, government is a group of persons elected by the people in order to manage and protect the rights, freedoms and social welfare of the people through establishing a fair and just society based on a sound economy and leadership to control the state apparatus at a given time.

Looking at the above sole purpose of the government, allow me to express my displeasure concerning the repugnant rules you have imposed on chililabombwe residents treating us like outcast restricting one type of mealie meal which is believed to be imported from South Africa by ZNS. Why stopping other milers and local traders to bring mealie meal in chililabombwe.

Why reducing the dignity of chililabombwe residents in such a repugnant manner? To an extent of queuing up for EAGLES mealie meal in kakoso combined school football ground, women being beaten by soldiers without remorse why?

Are there no shops in chililabombwe where that mealie meal can be offloaded and allow the good people chililabombwe to buy mealie meal in a dignified manner? Tell us if chililabombwe has been annexed as part of Congo or chililabombwe is a correctional facility, as I speak people are buying mealie meal from chingola It’s a shame Mr President. As if that’s not enough you have killed the business of the local traders who trade in mealie meal here in chililabombwe. Does it mean everyone is a smuggler here in chililabombwe?

Lastly but not the least personally as a chililabombwe resident and a concerned citizen, I’m displeased the way you have handled KCM issue with your mines minister sir, who behaves as if mining has been a family business for centuries yet he doesn’t even know how it feels like to be a miner.

It could have been prudent to conclude the matter amicably rather than rushing to the people prematurely wood winking the people in order to gain political mileage it’s unfortunate you assumed office through deception and you have continued to run the affairs of this country with deception techisuma iyoo.

It’s a pity sir looking at another quagmire at lubambe mine were employees, are battling to get their hard earned terminal benefits from EMR the company which has sold 80% shares to JCHX.

The company can not give excuse that they don’t have money to pay the employees, when you have given them tax holiday Mr President it’s better to give them their terminal benefits so that those who wish to continue with JCHX they can continue and those who wishes to leave they can go and do what pleases them before the company hands over the mine JCHX.

Therefore the earlier you intervene in this matter the better Mr President even though we have a bunch of challenges in our district, it’s like we don’t have representatives or leadership if we do then their eyes are blind to see and ears deaf to hear to respond to people’s cries they don’t care about the plight of the community but to satisfy their personal ego any continue ukutina ichipute I submit.

By Simpamba Abraham
Together We Can
Ichalo Lutoshi!


  1. The writer must be sitting on his brains. Do you remember Kk and mealie meal. Do u honestly want the president to find u a piece of land and till it for you.
    Well for you UKUTOSHI NI NSALA

  2. The writer must be sitting on his brains. Do you remember Kk and mealie meal. Do u honestly want the president to find u a piece of land and till it for you.
    Well for you ULUTOSHI NI NSALA


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