First and foremost, allow me to remind you Mr President that Chellah Tukuta is not mad or lacking direction with what he is doing now exposing corruption and high immortality among some top government officials and heads of parastatal.

Mr President, corruption is indeed high in your administration and this has contributed decisively to the slow growth of the country’s economy.

Some hide behind your back because of the privilege they have of surrounding your throne but remember people fire the coach when the team is not doing well.

Some ministers in your regime have become filth rich than in any other regimes before. The Mukula scandals are perpetrated by some top government officials and the poor ones get arrested when they involve themselves in these deals to sustain themselves and their poor families.

Why should these rich people be getting richer at the expense of the poor Zambians and legalize the illegality because they are surrounded by the instruments of power.

The land acquisition is also questionable and people surrounding your throne in few years from now will occupy all the land in the country.

Even the same gold mining raise a lot of questions to be answered. Some politicians have an illegal indirect investments in the mining, Black Mountain scandals are not well handled, the Zambia Railway was already captured by some politicians who worked in the past regimes and ghost working and nepotism are very high in government.

The awarding of contracts is also questionable, 48 houses in Chalala scandals haven’t yet been attended to, the commissioner of inquiries launched to investigate certain matters haven’t yet revealed their findings and they are being paid large sums of money, what a nation.

Remember the implications of corruption from the central administration ruins the good rapport of your higher office and the citizens and negatively influence their subordinates to be stealing too.

Your image has been made dirty by the same snakes hiding in green grass. As I am speaking right now, some health centers are selling drugs to business men especially those with shops instead of being given to the sick as prescribed for free.

Corruption is not a serious crime in Zambia because ubomba mwibala alya mwibala is on their lips and they are taking this country as if it belongs to their families. They don’t respect the people they are serving and patients are treated based on their social economic status.

Mind you, the same people that made RB cry in 2011 are the same people your regime absorbed and devoted to work with. They failed to develop the country in the previous regimes, what assurance did you have that with you they can develop it.

Mr President, I think you need more than human advisors to have more wisdom to see the people who are not meaning well for your administration and the people of Zambia.

As a Christian nation, I pray that the spirit of God guide you and bless you with King Solomon’s wisdom to be able to sieve lambs from fox in your administration.

His Excellence, when the thugs dominates the government, the ruling party looses popularity. Some of your Intelligence personnel are not bold enough to tell you the truth.

They tell you what your ears would be happy hearing yet in the actual sense, the ground is not okay out here, your reputation has been ruined by the same people surrounding your throne.

Corruption has been openly exposed and it’s dangerous because youths are watching. As they are watching, they condemn it not because it’s bad but because they are not in positions that they could steal too.

If a proper research was to be carried out, 70% of the youths aspiring for political leadership today their main purpose is to get rich as soon as they could through intellect stealing instead of serving the people.

Mr President, you can fight the rampart corruption by motivating the Anti Corruption commission, Financial Intelligence Committee ,DEC, courts and many others to carryout their roles because some ministers have powers to silence these institutions provided that the higher office has not issued the statement of caution.

As am winding up, am appealing to all top government officials in all the Ministries, ZRA, FRA, RDA, and many others to respect the law and check yourselves because darkness has no power over righteous.

The law shall catch up with you, your properties both within and outside the country will be confiscated, your bank accounts will be frizzed and you shall rote in jail.

You can’t be stealing for the poor Zambians and spend large sums of money which were suppose to be diverted to education, health and many other important social services on your family members and prostitutes as if this country belongs to your families.

Some of you who were acquitted on corruption charges without convincing reasons, I don’t want to mention you but know that Zambia is bigger than you and we are not done with you yet. You deserve reaping what you sow and you shall surely do so provided that you’re still alive.

My appeal to Zambians especially young people, let us not celebrate thieves and dance for them because they give us something. They amass a lot of wealth for their families and we the people and our children end up suffering.

On top of that, they are enabling the Chinese to occupy as many land as they could and respect them more than we the citizens. In case it doesn’t affect you, remember some of us have Zambia at heart and largely the nation and families to care.

I have a dream a Zambian Magufuli will rule this country and these lawlessness we see today shall end. Such political positions will not be used to amass wealth but for service delivery.
A lot of you who hide in power yet your hands are filthy with innocent people’s blood and poor people’s money will be exposed and shall pay the golden price for your evil deeds.

Your inhuman attitudes are so disgusting, how I wish I was the President, I would love to die for being bold that to live long for celebrating cowards and glorify your dirty names!!!

Mbewe Paul Langford

#YouthAdvocate and #Liberator


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