NDF spokesperson Isaac Mwanza

As he urges the Political Scientists Associations of Zambia to conduct the opinion poll in remaining Provinces.

Chipata… Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) says the opinion poll favouring His Excellency President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu in some selected provinces is the true picture of what is happening on the ground.

YALI Governance Advisor Isaac Mwanza says President Dr Lungu is the preferred candidate to majority Zambians.

Mr Mwanza says the Head of State has won the heart of many Zambians because of his style of leadership.

He says the issue of not leaving no one behind, he says, were we have seen especially the elderly being taken care off is one of the things that has made people believe in President Dr Lungu.

In a telephone interview, he says the opposition is now scared following the outcome of the polls.

“We have been talking about this issue, we have categorically said President Lungu is winning these elections. And this will come to pass,” he says.

He however appealed to the association to ensure that the opinion poll is extended to other provinces which were left out.

Mr Mwanza says Zambians would want to see how the Head of State and other Presidential candidate will perform.

He is however optimistic that His Excellency President Dr Lungu will lead in other Provinces left because they are Patriotic Front (PF) strongholds.

Meanwhile Mr Mwanza urged the the ruling party to up their game in Provinces where the Head of State got 44 percent in the recent released polls.

Mr Mwanza says the Head of State need to be above 50 percent.

He says the people given the mandate to spearhead the campaigns must hit the ground.

He says there is need to ensure that people are fed with collect information as well as distribute party regalia.


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