Zambias largest opposition party, the Patriotic Front Members of Parliament today visited the above mentioned foreign missions in Zambia and issued a warning regarding consequences of them supporting the destruction of democracy and the circumvention of the rule of law in Zambia.

The MPS said, there is mounting pressure from Zambian masses who believe the recent occurrences are supported by foreign interests working with the UPND government to obliterate democracy and shutter the rule of law in the country.

What is happening in Zambia cannot be allowed to happen in countries of those accused to supporting those acts in Zambia. Consequently, masses in Zambia have urged MPs to adequately represent their aspirations and avoid a total breakdown of the rule of law.

The MPs acknowledged that the democratic space is shrinking with unprecedented velocity creating a high chance of political volatility.

And therefore their made their warning was both timely and made in national interest.

Over 30 MPs participated in the delivery of this message.


  1. You are the most indisciplined leadership to ever run this country. You want foreign missions to be on your side, you want everyone to hate the upnd and begin loving you. Madness.

  2. The west will not act on any complaints for 2 reasons.

    1. They now have an LGBT champion in Zambia that is doing wonders to normalise this practice.

    2. They have unfettered access to our minerals. They even have a special reserved parking slot at KKIA for their private jets to come collect our gold, emeralds and sulligate. God knows what else.

    • Why should they when we are enjoying peace in our country? Ask Zimbabwe to help you since Mnagwagwa’s way of dealing with opposition is what you admire.

      • Ah do not bring Zimbabwe into this mess.

        Remember they have a score to settle with your small god. The only country that will welcome him after 2026 is Panama.

        You are enjoying yourself on the back of the many citizens that are suffering dud to more than double the cost of living before your god got elected. Carry on mocking those that voted for you because of the promises made that mealie meal would cost K50, or that fuel would cost K12 a liter, or that the 12 Kwacha would fetch 1 USD, or that opposition will be free to provide checks and balances, or that he would make very few foreign trips, or that tribal appointments are a thing of the past.

        The list is endless.

        It has been lie, after lie, after lie.

        The only big achievement to date is LGBT rights, so that you praise singers can finally come out of your closets and live normal lives without fear of being jailed. His other, lesser, achievements are reducing cadres on our streets, and declaring a cow as a sacred demi god, whose theft is non baillable.

  3. PF cadres politicking sure is called “Zambian masses” please don’t include me because am busy working hard from the opportunities available that there is no lawlessnes on the street and I can invest without fear some cadre is coming to claim a portion of my hard earned Investment.

  4. Useless indisciplined MPs. They spoke on behalf of their bellys; the new dawn has curtailed their spending freely wealth corruptly acquired. I saw educated and mature PF MPs debating in the house after this rot was kicked out. What a breath of fresh air the debates were. Why have they not gone to Zimbabwe embassy to seek support since its Zimbabwe’s “democracy” they admire?

  5. You could have gone to Zimbabwe, Uganda or china embassy to complain not people you always insults the west at imperialism today you are rushing to them kusoba zelu vizende vabantu.Chilangwa on that day talked nosense anyway the man is not normal.Indigo Tyrol are you that PF criminals built-LGBT clinic in lusaka?you are talking nosense because opportunities for lazy people like you is gone.one day boss muzakashulila kumatako.

  6. What’s a warning? In simple language, a warning is issued by someone with capacity to impose discipline or sanctions. Are PF MPs capable of warning USA and EU diplomatic missions in Zambia? So what can PF MPs do if the warning is disregarded?

    • Exactly my thoughts, who are these anthrax infested rats to warn such big sovereign states, just to wish that they join their lawlessness? Who are these mad lizards even to speak for me, claiming that Zambians bla bla, I am Zambian and I hate lawlessness of these idiots from their last seven years of illegal rule and now they want to dare a legally elected government?

      Bakapokola, longeni ishi mbushi mu cibaya. They are deliberately creating anarchy in parliament so that they make the speaker look bad. STUPID IDIOTS.

  7. Patriotic Party leadership has run our of ideas and has lost direction. I remember well when Edgar Chagwa Lungu was in power he castigated the western countries and recently the PF and Socialist Party equally called them imperialist. What has now changed about the western countries?

    PF has confused leadership and desperate and not knowing what to do is leading them to make unsubstantiated claims towards the New Dawn government.

  8. @knowledge I meant to write:
    The Patriotic Front Party leadership has run out of ideas and has lost direction. I remember well when Edgar Chagwa Lungu was in power he castigated the western countries and recently the PF and Socialist Party equally called them imperialist. What has now changed about the western countries?

    PF has confused leadership and desperation and not knowing what to do is leading them to make unsubstantiated claims towards the New Dawn government.

  9. PF are running around like headless chickens. Why go seek help from the Imperialist people? Their mouths are always in full gear but the brains are in neutral.even their behaviour in parliament is pathetic and childish..

  10. Ba PF please spare us this nonsense. It now seems you have no capacity to sort out your problems and have to run to the very embassies you have been insulting. Anyway, you are going to the wrong places.Those embassies know you better than you think. They know that you are just a group of criminals, thieves and liars who are trying to drag them into your party’s internal wrangles. They have dossiers on each one of you containing your deeds when you were in government. They know how repressive and brutal your regime was. They know how undemocratic you were. They know how dictatorial your regime was. They know how corrupt your regime. They know how your regime shut down people’s basic freedoms. They know everything about you, and so you can’t fool them.
    They know how democratic Zambia is today with President Hakainde Hichilema in office. You can hate the man as much as you want, but those embassies know that people are indeed free under his watch. So free that even you can walk and say anything with impunity.
    You know deep down you crooked minds that HH has nothing to do with your problems. And those embassies know that very well. Stop being confrontational and arrogant. Just sober up and seek help to solve your internal party differences instead of running around like headless chickens.
    And it appears that you have allowed yourselves to be manipulated by Given Lubinda and Nakachinda who are Edgar Lungu’s agents. These are the individuals who have brought you this calamity.

  11. Is PF suffering from Cerebral Malaria?
    Ukusabaila kwachilamo!
    Stop washing your dirty linen in public!
    Stop being cry babies and alarmists!
    Your riotous behavior will not take you anywhere!
    If PF was sharp, they wouldn’t be getting worried by UPND failures! If your enemy is making stup!d mistakes, don’t disturb them!
    That’s why we have elections in 2026!
    Don’t put the house on fire just because you want to kill a mouse!


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