‘Opposition political parties salute ECL’


ECL Applauded:

‘Opposition political parties salute ECL’

There are few political parties in the opposition camp that have applauded former President Edgar Lungu for sacrificing his pension benefits in order to take back Patriotic Front Miles Sampa.

Miles Sampa became PF President following a convention that was held October 2023. Apparently ECL and those under his control feels only the former Head of State has the power to choose who he would handover to or and be elected to contest the 2026 general elections.

ECL’s come back to active politics shows that he has decided to contest 2026 elections, the only person now standing his way is Miles Sampa.

It is sadly safe to say there is total confusion as it is difficult to tell who now is leader of PF between Miles Sampa and EDGAR C LUNGU .

Apparently ECL is lamentably failing to prove it as he has no access to PF Secretariat and can’t seem to convince the court or the police to be on his side to prevent Miles Sampa from locking him out of Secretariat.

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