Archbishop Mpundu

RETIRED Archbishop of Lusaka Telesphore Mpundu has put the last nail on the opposition, saying it will be impossible for them to form government in the August 12, general election.

Archbishop Mpundu says he cannot see any opposition political party winning the 2021 general election in their current form.

He explained that it is sad that despite the wind of change blowing against the PF, there was no political will from the opposition to work together towards change of government.

Archbishop Mpundu said this today when he featured on Diamond TV breakfast show with Chimweka.

“Well I don’t see it, this is what makes me sad because if you can see political parties divided, you cannot have a thousand political parties in a country like this in Zambia, if you want a strong opposition it has to be with people who know how to go about it, but also leaders that are good, people who have the quality. They may have qualities but anyone who is the opposition wants to be on the top of others and that is what is killing the opposition in Zambia,” lamented Archbishop Mpundu.

He said efforts to form government should not be about certain individuals but a collective decision to do so.


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