Oscars 2024: ‘I think I blacked out!’-Emma Stone on the moment she won best actress


Emma Stone looked genuinely shocked when her name was announced as the best actress winner earlier.

“I think I blacked out! I was very shocked,” she says backstage.

“I still feel like I’m spinning a little bit. It’s a huge honour and I’m very surprised.”

Having experienced a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, she reassures us that all is now well.

“They sewed me back in! I genuinely think I busted it during I’m Just Ken! I was so amazed by Ryan (Gosling) and that number just blew my mind. I was just going for it and things just happen.”

She said she learned a lot from playing Bella Baxter in Yorgos Lanthimos’s film.

“The chance to play a person starting from scratch but in a metaphorical… way who’s gaining language and skills in a rapid pace… she was just full of joy and curiosity and true love, not just of the good but of the challenging of life and was fascinated by all of it.

“That was amazing to take with me. I really miss playing her – and it was two and a half years ago we wrapped… I’m really glad we get to celebrate tonight!”


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