KAPOCHE member of parliament Dr Charles Banda has urged his electorates to ensure they vote in numbers to maintain President Edgar Lungu as a president till 2026.

Speaking to voters in Chinzule and six other villages on Friday, Dr Banda told the people that their biggest task was to return President Edgar Lungu at next year’s elections.

President Lungu was first elected to the Presidency in January 2015, holding office till August 2016 when he stood again and is serving till the next elections.

According to the constitution, any individual who has held office of president twice cannot be allowed a third time.

But Dr Banda, the Minister of Local Government, asked the people to register as voters in big numbers so that chances of President Lungu to win next year become high.

“This trip we are going round to see the response of voter registration and to encourage you to register as a voter. The major thing is that next year we shall have elections where we choose our leaders for this nation. The biggest choice we are going to have is to choose the President for this nation Zambia. All of us we shouldn’t forget that our task is to return President Edgar Lungu in the seat to continue being the President for Zambia until 2026. Have we agreed?” he asked the people.

Dr Banda urged Kapoche residents to vote well to add value to President Lungu’s success in next year’s election.

“We want us here to vote so well and the big vote we need from you is for the President. We beg and request a vote for President Edgar Lungu, that’s the vote we need so much! We want him to win,” Dr Banda said.

“Even us, we are supposed to win and we will win because of you. Behind President Edgar Lungu, there are helpers, which is us, his servants. It will be up to you to see if you are happy or not with us but we will come to request when that time comes so that Lungu shouldn’t be alone! But vote number one should be for the President Edgar Lungu.”

At Nyamtuma polling station, Dr Banda encouraged school pupils with NRCs to exercise their right to vote.

He told them that voting is one way of taking part in the governance system.

“If you are not a voter, it’s very difficult for me to account to you but when you are a voter, I should tell you what type of development we have done. You have the right to ask because you are the ones that put government in place,” Dr Banda said.

“I am the member of parliament because your parents voted for me and since your parents voted for me, I got a chance to be there as a minister. Take interest and ensure that you vote since you got NRCs” said Dr Banda.

And Sinda PF secretary Best Mwanza encouraged electorates to acquire voters’ cards as failure to have them would disadvantage them in terms of accessing fertiliser, relief food and other things next year.

On Thursday and Friday, Dr Banda monitored thr voter registration in polling stations in chieftainess Nyanje and chief Kathumba respectively.

He was accompanied by Sinda youth chairperson Pingilani Banda, party official Elias Phiri and some councillors.

In most polling stations he toured, the process is moving on well despite slow turn up in some polling stations.


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