We have a leadership crisis in Zambia. And our national disaster right now is the UPND leadership, nothing else. They are not truthful and sincere at all. The have let the people down.

Just last year, Mr Hakainde Hichilema told the President of Israel on camera that Zambia is food sufficient, and that we were supplying mealie meal to other African countries. A few months down the line, we have an unprecedented looming hunger crisis.

In terms of moving forward, UPND has clearly demonstrated that they lack the leadership capacity to run this country. This leadership crisis is at all levels, top-bottom. They are running down this country right, left and centre.

To put this country back on its feet again, we have no other solution or alternative but to remove the UPND and Mr Hichilema from the driving seat in 2026. Failure to that, we are doomed. Clearly, we can’t keep relying on a leadership that does not have a vision and direction. We can’t keep a leadership that is perpetually lying. At what point do they tell the truth? How can we trust a leadership that is never truthful? These are the bigger questions that all Zambians should ask. This is not the leadership that Zambia deserves.

Fred M’membe
President of Socialist Party Zambia


  1. One of the attributes of a great leader is foresight and proactive decisions.
    Alas three parallel disasters at hand,
    1. Leadership disaster
    2. Hunger disaster
    3. Economic disaster

  2. It’s obvious bwana Fred but we cannot dwell on past problems because they won’t solve anything! What we need are solutions and you have suggested nothing to help the country out of this mess!
    We all know the failures of the new dawn when it comes to Agriculture! Even their Strategic plans may leave most poor farmers heavily indebted and poorer!

    2021-23 farming season – many farmers were denied inputs despite GRZ saving of $150m as announced by President HH!

    2023-24 farming season – No preparedness plan for drought despite Ministry of Green Economy sounding the warning!

    2024-25 and 2025-26 farming seasons remaining for New Dawn!

    Mtolo Phiri has failed the farmers!
    We must call a Spade a Spade, not a big spoon!

    You need Climate Smart approach to farming today!
    It’s not the cultivation of large chunks of land that will feed the nation! It’s not the job of government to feed the nation!
    The job of government is to empower citizens with knowledge to be able to feed themselves!
    Every citizen must participate in food production!
    Every household in the past used to have a Granery and we never had people begging food! Over the years we have seen less people participating in food production. Our youths of today don’t even know what a hoe looks like! Some feel too clean to touch the soil and yet that is where we all return! In fact modern research has demonstrated clearly the health benefits of “Grounding!”
    Tilling the soil is the only occupation the creator ever gave to man!
    Have you not noticed how almost everybody retires into some form of food production irrespective of profession? Why not start early?

    We must start from basics! We should not assume everyone knows what it takes to produce various crops. You need Knowledge to farm! You need patience. These two key ingredients of Knowledge and Patience will mould you into a better person, able to survive without money! Yes you heard me right! When you become a very good and successful farmer, your money just rots in the bank! You have no need to buy a Fridge. You eat fresh food every day. In fact you don’t get to eat much Nshima. Most of it is fed to chickens and dogs!
    If only we could all embrace simple farming methods like those developed by Foundations for Farming in Zimbabwe, every lazy person can do good farming!
    Just get to YouTube and search for “Foundations for Farming” or “Pfumvudza Plot”, you will never be an average farmer again!
    Our politicians will not tell you these things because they want to keep you clueless in order to easily manipulate you!
    Niba mambala bekabeka!

  3. I can tell you that Zambia can be in more disastrous situation if they made a mistake of voting for a person like you as their president. Everything is found in you, talk of selfishness, dictatorship, bitterness, jealousy, stinginess are all there in you. Who else talks in SP apart from yourself and you want to bring that to the whole country, no ways. HH doesn’t control the rains, even if you became the President yourself, you can’t control the rains either.

  4. Fred Membe, you are a wasted shit! Your heart is breeding with bitterness! Hope you will survive your bitterness to 2031. .Just go to the toilet and shit; you will feel relieved and your bitterness will end

  5. It will be a mistake of unimaginable proportions to have Mr. Mmembe as President of the country. All I see in his writings is hatred and bitterness. He does not discuss any alternatives to what he considers as shortcomings in the current administration.

  6. Fuledi, are you bitter that the members of UPND, refused to put Mazokas daughters (your wife) as party President or may be her mother (your mother in law). Or you wanted a bigger position in the party.
    This country Zambia is waiting to hear your story. Tell us why you are a bitter person.
    Your wife left UPND on her own. Did you plan to scanderise this party together? I can tell you old as I am, you are younger than me, that you do not mean well for this country.

  7. The problem we have in this country is the moment the educational systems where there was production unit in schools during the Kaunda arrer where every child in schools be it daughter or son of president, minister or what could participate collectively had that continued things would had different


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