By Michael Kaluba

A fact finding mission conducted by Kitwe District Commissioner Chileshe Bweupe at Sinozam Friendship Hospital in Kitwe today has established that management at the health facility have forced over 100 workers into mandatory quarantine within the hospital premises separating most of them from their families while sending 6 employees home after they declined to take part.

Mr. Bweupe revealed to Phoenix News that the decision by the hospital management has incensed their spouses who are up in arms against management at the health facility while some of the employees are equally unhappy to be quarantined in such a manner.

He has since ordered a high level team of local leaders and health experts in conjunction with the hospital management to revisit the measures and arrive at a decision that is in conformity with government prescribed measures.

But speaking on behalf of Sinozam Friendship Hospital Management, Senior Nursing Officer, Enneles Mutambo clarified that the hospital did not force the affected workers to be locked up within the hospital as they were given an option to opt out.

She has explained that the 6 who refused to be separated from their families have since been paid their basic pay and housing allowances.

Spouses and some of the 100 employees at Sinozam Friendship Hospital that have been forced to be isolation and separated from their families have complained to the Kitwe District Commissioners office whom they asked to intervene and have management rescind its decision to impose restrictions on them.


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