..says the manifesto spells out where Zambia was, where it is and where it is going in regards with various sectors under the PF

Sunday…April 25 2021 (Smart Eagles)

Patriotic Front media director Sunday Chanda says the overwhelming responce to the Patriotic Front manifesto is gratifying.

Mr Chanda says the good responce and the glowing tribute from a lot of people is a confirmation that various stakeholders are buying in to the good ideologies that are embedded in the document.

He notes with gratitude that very reputable organization with vast knowledge and experience in agriculture issues such as the KRI Zambia, headed by Dr Frank Kayula, are also happy with the achievements that the PF government wants to archive in the agriculture sector for example.

Mr Chanda has affirmed the inclusive nature of the manifesto which seeks to have a multisectoral approach in areas such as agriculture among many others and has called on stakeholders to get access to the document for them to fully appreciate what the PF has done, is doing and what it envisages to do in various socioeconomic sectors.

“As a farmer myself,it gives me so much pleasure to interact with some of the ideas we have got under this great manifesto” Mr Chanda said and described the glowing tribute from many stakeholders as very encouraging.

He has further reiterated that the PF manifesto has a lot of clarity interns of what it intends to do unlike other vague manifestos from other political parties.

He was speaking this morning during a Patriotic Front Interactive Forum.


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