Owner of GoodMalu Car Park & Garage in Lusaka has been apprehended for auctioning cars parked at his Garage


POLICE have apprehended a 40-year-old man of Lusaka’s Makeni area in connection with the alleged theft of three motor vehicles parked at his garage.

Milton Kapaso who is also a manager at the said garage is believed to have auctioned the three vehicles after the owners failed to remit money to him as he had the cars parked in his garage for safe keeping.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said Police are investigating the matter to ascertain all relevant details.

“Chawama Police Station is currently conducting investigations into a case of theft involving three motor vehicles. The vehicles in question are a Mitsubishi Colt with registration number AAV 4027, owned by Boniface Simpungwe aged 35 of John Howard township and two Toyota Hiace Mini buses with registration numbers ATB 2192 and ACI 2515, owned by John Soko aged 44 also of John Howard township in Lusaka,” he said.

He said the incident occurred on the January 20, 2024 at GoodMalu Car Park and Garage in John Howard Compound.

Mr Hamoonga said in a concise overview of the case, it has been established that the car park is the property of Mr Kapaso who serves as the manager at the mentioned garage.

“In the year 2022, the three vehicles were taken to the car park for safekeeping, with an agreed-upon fee for the service. Subsequently, the owners failed to remit the car park fees, leading to Mr Kapaso issuing Demand Notices to them.

Unable to recover the outstanding fees, Mr Kapaso proceeded to auction the vehicles without consulting the owners, as a means of recouping the accumulated debt,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga explained that the owners reported the matter to the police, prompting the initiation of investigations.

He added that as of now, one suspect,Mr Kapaso, who authorized the sale of the vehicles, has been apprehended.



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