Owner of seized jet in gold scandal demands its release


Owner of seized jet in gold scandal demands its release

OWNER of the Global Express T7 WSS JET involved in the gold gate scandal at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Ibrahim Gomma Salem Hassan says he cannot be blamed for the crime committed by his Egyptian clients who rented the aircraft.

In an affidavit in opposition in support of notice of motion for forfeiture Hassan said the jet is not tainted property as neither him nor the management company used it to commit a serious crime or are they connected to the Egyptians on board the jet suspected to have committed a crime.

“I was informed informed by the Director of the management company in charge of the Global Express T7-WSS JET on August 14, 2023 that the aircraft had been seized by the Zambian Government because of some alleged wrongdoings on the part of those who had rented the aircraft,” Hassan said.

“I the owner of the jet has no connection and are in fact not aware of any business that the individuals who rented the jet are into, if at all they committed any crimes against the Zambian Govt laws I as the owner of the jet was not aware and at no point a party to these alleged offenses.”

Hassan contested the forfeiture of the aircraft and demanded its release.

In this matter the Director of Public Prosecutions has moved a motion before the Economic and Financial Crimes Court to have the jet, money, fire arm and minerals which it contained, confiscated on reasons that the same were tainted for having been used to commit a crime.

The DPP has cited World Aviation Sinai International, Mountains Limited, IBIS Air (PTY) Limited and Micheal Adel Michel Botros as interested parties in the matter.

Among the items earmarked for confiscation are Global Express T7-WSS JET, US$5, 697, 700. 00, 602 pieces of Brass pellets (A combination of Copper and Zinc metals weighing a total of 127.28 kilograms, five pistols with 126 rounds of ammunition, 11 pistol magazines, a drilling machine and a central processing unit.

By Mwaka Ndawa



  1. A hired asset is just that. It’s not the property of the person who has hired it and later gets into trouble with the law while using it. Similarly, should a house on lease be forfeited to the state if its tenant commits a crime during the time of their tenancy? The court is likely to be sympathetic to the Egyptian here unless the state has evidence that the owner of the plane and the accused were partners in the gold scandal.


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