Fr Richard Luonde

NDC national chairperson Richard Luonde says people have already passed their verdict against PF and are just waiting to deliver it on August 12.

Fr Luonde adds that people are angry with the PF’s intolerance and corruption, among other things.

“The levels of intolerance are getting worse by the day as we get and draw closer to our general election. The atmosphere has not been conducive for the opposition, more especially for the biggest party in opposition, the UPND which has now gone into an alliance with other opposition parties,” he said. “The behaviour of this senseless PF can fool some people sometime but cannot fool all the people all the time. Zambians have realised and approved that on the 12th of August, PF must pack their bags and leave. This is the reality they are failing to accept and instead they want to create confusion by seeking to arrest those who are against their irresponsible style of leadership.”

He noted that the PF had completely shifted from its original mandate.

Fr Luonde said PF under President Edgar Lungu had deteriorated.

“What they should not forget is that most of us have been there from the time of UNIP, MMD and now the spineless PF under President Edgar C Lungu. The PF of Michael Chilufya Sata in which Zambians had so much faith has been destroyed to irreparable levels. No one can repair, unless new brains come in,” said Fr Luonde. “This is the damage this PF has caused to our country. People waking up hungry and going to bed hungry awaiting early departure to the graves. But all this is being overlooked at the expense of punishing those in the opposition. We as Zambians especially those of us in the UPND alliance are saying that time for change is here.”


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