Panga showdown looms in PF as Kambwili vows it’s him or noone else

THE country might be in for some chaos and panga violence, characteristic of the PF as the fight for the former ruling party’s leadership hightens.

While former president Edgar Lungu is having dark corner meetings and plotting his comeback as PF leader, Chishimba Kambwili has vowed that he will not allow anyone besides himself to become party president.

Kambwili who as opposition National Democratic Congress president declared on national television in 2019 that it would take a combination of lunacy and madness for him to return to The PF, says he will not allow ‘newcomers’ like Brian Mundubile or Dr Chitalu Chilufya to hijack the party.

In a leaked audio conversation with former UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba aka GBM shared on Kalemba yesterday, the duo who insist are PF founder members agreed not allow MMD hijackers go ahead of them.

Kambwili branded Mundubile and Dr Chitalu’s push for the PF presidency as rubbish saying there was no way he would kneel before them and call them, “your excellency”.

“So, us who suffered for the party from day one have no wisdom, only them (Mundubile and Dr Chitalu) have wisdom?”, Kambwili was heard saying.

“What special skills do they have that we don’t have for them to come and say only they can lead the party after enriching themselves using our sweat,” Kambwili wondered.

As for GBM, he said he would accept Kambwili, himself or Miles Sampa as PF presidents because he was very the duo would not forget him if the ascended to the Republican presidency.

Besides Kambwili, Sampa and GBM, five others including Mundubile, Dr Chitalu, Mutotwe Kafwaya and Greyford Monde are eying the party’s presidency.

However, after learning of Lungu’s desire of coming back, Monde said he would gladly leave way for the sixth republican president if he made his intentions official.

Although Lungu is yet to publicly address the matter, his close associates have told Kalemba that the former president is convinced that he is the only one who can give President Hakainde Hichilema formidable competition in the 2026 general election.

Lungu is now working out modalities of how he could return as PF president.



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